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Monday, May 31, 2004

explore lower register

I'm sorry, Mr. Day, ...

...but your viewpoint differs from that of the churches I play for.

Post-mass notes

- play guitar with Raf
- m: bible study

To find Serializable classes that do not have a serialVersionUID defined (and vice versa)

find . -iname *.java | xargs grep --files-with-matches Serializable | xargs grep --files-without-match serialVersionUID

find . -iname *.java | xargs grep --files-with-matches serialVersionUID | xargs grep --files-without-match Serializable

enemy images

import com.vividsolutions.jcs.plugin.conflate.roads.*;
session = ToolboxModel.instance(wc).getSession();

import com.thoughtworks.xstream.XStream;
new XStream().toXML(session, new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("c:/junk3/a.xml")));

import JSX.*;
new ObjOut(false, new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("c:/junk3/a.xml"))).writeObject(session);
session2 = new ObjIn(new BufferedReader(new FileReader("c:/junk3/a.xml"))).readObject();

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Music at William Head, Sunday, May 30, 2004

Overhead: Come Holy Spirit; CBW 416; strum 5; v1: single strums; v2: fast strums; v3: first half high, second half full

Overhead: Creator Spirit; CBW 409; pluck 8; lively organ

Celtic Alleluia; strum 5; G

Holy; pluck 8; CBW 283A

Lamb; pick 6.5; capo 1; Dsus+Csap

GP 112: Lay Your Hands; strum 5; refrain: G, Am7/G, D/G; verse: G, Csap

Blessing - pick 6.5; G

GP 193: Sing A New Song; strum 5; GP 47

Master 2.9, Lo 15, Mid 15, Hi 5
Port 1: pluck 8, pick 6.5, strum 5

Virtual Reality, Nausea, Virtual Simulation Sickness, Vision, Adverse symptoms,Head Movements and VR Sickness;A COMPARISON BETWEEN TWO METHODS OF CONT

Vision Suggestions

ClearTweak settings for High Contrast Black


Typeface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stuff to do

w Ji-Hwan: Cosmic
w Mom: ice cream
w Dale: LOTR

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Heading over to Dale's

We'll probably finish LOTR 3 (with popcorn). Ice cream would be nice. Might get in a game too -- Tigris?

Another thing that seems to help with LCD eyestrain: white-on-black colour scheme

Google Search: toefl practice tests

LCD Display Discomfort

Sacred Heart music, Pentecost Sunday

394 The Light Of Christ
146 Speak Lord
198 Here I Am
117 Lord Send Out Your Spirit

Speak Lord and Here I Am -- are those for Sat or Sun?

A couple of interesting Eclipse items on Small Values of Cool

todos: ice cream / cosmic. Ask Ji-Hwan about the guy who wouldn't let him sit down.

Friday, May 28, 2004

timezone glowatch

Eclipse: great source formatting (including wrapping of comments), great QuickFixes (including helpful suggestions about parameters to auto-insert)

Karate Monkey Death Car

Yet another good Java blog

Evil Genius Chronicles - I Snooze, I Lose 08 27 2003

Another good Java blog

music change: speak lord here I am

Jesus M. Rodriguez's Weblog

add to plucker

FindBugs, Part 1: Improve the quality of your code

PMD is also good

Jon's Radio

Add this to plucker


Nick's webpage

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Have you checked out the iTunes app?

It's a pretty program, and it has good quality internet radio stations
on it. I'm enjoying Radio Paradise right now (in the "eclectic"


Radio Paradise - eclectic online rock radio

Hey I'm liking this radio station

539 out

I'm going to bring a package of buns to the potluck

Word-to-PDF notes

1. Probably the reason why GhostView makes gray stuff brown is the dpi: it is set to 72. Try bumping it up to 300 (this is the resolution that PDFMoto uses)

2. PDFMoto chokes if a Word Picture contains text boxes.

3. Turn off PDFMoto's JPEG-compression option

I'm using Word-To-PDF to convert the quick ref guide, and PDFMoto to convert the user guide. Wish I could use PDF moto for the quick ref guide, but it leaves out a lot of elements from the first page for some reason.

Word-To-PDF: turn off image compression. Bring dpi down from default 1200 to typical printer dpi of 600.

No longer using Word-To-PDF -- it was creating a 70-MB quick ref! Go with GhostWord -- set resolution to 600 and image resolutions to 600.

Ooh -- Word-To-PDF and GhostWord somehow reduce the image resolution of my screenshots, making them look really bad. I'll try PDFMoto again -- maybe it'll stop getting confused if I group all my objects together.

Figured out why PDFMoto was dying -- somehow caused by a graphic too high up into the top margin.

todo: try using Trillian... a windows docker

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Hey Bro, you don't need a scanner

Just take a pic of the page with your digicam. (Use macro mode (the flower icon) for best results).

Love, Jon

Overheard on a bus stop

"Never could understand why kids rush through life"

Stuff to do with Tom and Dale

Cosmic Encounter
Moose Tracks
pot luck

todo: add lolo's pic, drop Phillipines pic

Provincial Exams 1994-2001 (by Subject)

Yet more provincial exams

Vasanth Dharmaraj's Blogs [my blog on dot net, java, eclipse, linux, formula one, xbox gaming... ]

Must see: Shrek 2

Got awesome reviews.


Blog Entry: Eclipse Code Folding Woes? Try This Out...

Stuff to check out

Eclipse M9
Task Commander
Python and ESRI
Best blogging tools
Interesting Corante Internet and Geek News Central headlines today
Ballmer touts new developer tools

Excellent advertisements

The true OnStar case studies

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

tools/training: nvc

Better than a mousewheel: a mouse ball, so you can do horizontal scrolling

Hard to believe that Notepad can do something better than XEmacs and jEdit...

Soft text wrapping -- jEdit can't do it (evidently it will in the next release). And when XEmacs tries to do it, you can't move between wrapped lines using down-arrow (Ctrl-N).

And yet Notepad does it with ease.

Alternative to copying over Eclipse workspace

Now we can simply specify the workspace directory when we start Eclipse for the first time -- saves us from redefining our launch configurations!

Ruby is great for writing object-oriented shell scripts -- just enclose your system commands in backticks.

Monday, May 24, 2004

finish proposal-response work, 10:34 PM

9 PM begin work on skills matrix

And another thing: don't do two things at once (e.g. listen to music while coding)

to avoid headaches while coding: get a good night's sleep, take frequent breaks, stay calm and don't get stressed out

Plan for the week Posted by Hello

Good gift for Jon: 256MB RAM

The Official String Theory Web Site

Recommended by Tom

In PhotoShopping some old photos, I have noticed that life lies somewhere between death (minimum contrast) and magazines (maximum contrast)

Auntie Minelli...

...says Hi.

Love, Jon

todo: put album on Mom's desktop...


Bill Gates takes a week out...

... every year to think -- to ponder the direction of his company.

I'm going to take a day out each week to ponder the direction of my life -- as CEO of my life, it's time to strategize, regularly.

interetsing: Seruku, Google Personalized, Ask Jeeves

Fr Sig's homily

Let us show compassion to those who are poor, unhappy, in our families,

When I was in church today...

...I felt quite alert and thought: this is what we'll be doing in the afterlife: worshiping God in community.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

What's this about?:

igfxtray - igfxtray.exe - Process Information

I'm disabling igfxtray and HotKeyCmds on startup. They're intel programs I don't use.

also turning off iTunesHelper to save another 5MB

I'm disabling AdaptecDirectCD to save 5MB

The outer casing of Jon's Mental Garden when we have clients visiting Posted by Hello

Another view of the outer casing of Jon's Mental Garden Posted by Hello

The outer casing of Jon's Mental Garden Posted by Hello

Mom says try to come early Monday...

...because the parade begins at 10AM. She can pick you up at the ferry
terminal if you can tell us which ferry you are catching.


Saturday, May 22, 2004

When are you coming?

Hi Yong-Mo:

I'd like to know what ferry you'll be taking so I can take the bus and
meet you when you arrive. Or would you rather just take the bus here?
If we don't connect, I assume you'll just bus it here.


Another cool link: Blogger is for keeping an online journal. For example, mine is at . Are you interested in keeping an
online diary?


Just testing if this works: posting a picture to my blog. I'm grateful to Blogger for being willing to host images. Posted by Hello

More from my childhood

fanny packs, Lone Ranger pistols

todo: compress toolbars in IE for mom

Google Press Center: Zeitgeist

set thumbnail size in inches rather than pixels

Creating thumbnails

ls --format=single-column | grep --ignore-case Photo | sed 's#Photo\(.*\).jpg#\1#' | xargs --verbose --replace=_ convert -sample 400x400 Photo_.jpg Thumbnail_.jpg

Friday, May 21, 2004

funny typo: hgaloo

for hello (from Tom)

Rules for the Attika board game

Naming Classes - Do It Once And Do It Right

Blogging to God...

Glogging? Glodding?

Ideas for uDig

Use SWT. Heck, use Eclipse.

Support an existing OpenSource GIS


- Import source package, or create new session from scratch
- Check AutoMatch options, then run AutoMatch
- Check AutoAdjust options, then run AutoAdjust
- Find Unknown segments using Query window; mark each as Matched, Standalone, or Retired
- Find Inconsistent segments using Query window; fix using manual conflation tools
- Check result options, then export result package

shortcuts: typical RM quasimodes; gestures: drag a box... Selection takes priority.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Grrr -- I keep forgetting to pick up the music stand

Would you remind me next time?

Preferred computer display settings: dim monitor, 2 feet away, large fonts, light bulb breaks

Computer vision problems

Headaches during or after working at the computer -- No
Overall bodily fatigue or tiredness -- Mild
Burning eyes -- Moderate
Distance vision is blurry when looking up from the computer -- No
Dry, tired, or sore eyes -- Severe
Squinting helps when looking at the computer -- No
Neck, shoulder, or back pain -- No
Double vision -- No
Letters on the screen run together -- No
Driving/night vision is worse after computer use -- No
"Halos" appear around objects on the screen -- No
Need to interrupt work frequently to rest eyes -- Severe

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Prayers offered in a state of dryness...

...are those which please [God] best -- C.S. Lewis

Primary prayer time: 5:30-6:30, place: walking home

I commit to praying 10 minutes a day for the next 21 days. Primary method: ACTS.

2143 starting some Vivid programming at home
2204 stop, chat with bro
2247 more Vivid programming
2259 stop

Yet another cool website

MIT now publishes most of its course materials on the web (e.g.
lecture notes, assignments, labs). Available for free! (pdf's). Now
you can self-study the materials from one of the world's most
prestigious universities: MIT. 300 courses to choose from.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Choosing from MIT's CourseWare list

Stuff that interests me: Comparative Media Studies, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Literature, Media Arts and Sciences

Here's a Ruby script to figure out which MIT OpenCourseWare courses have good lecture notes:

coursesWithLectureNotes = []
IO.foreach("mit-links.txt") { | line |
url = line.split(';')[0]
title = line.split(';')[1].strip
count = `lynx -dump #{url} | grep --count "Lecture Notes"`.strip
print(count + " " + title + "\n")
coursesWithLectureNotes << count + " " + title + "\n"
}"mit-links-results.txt", "w") do |file|
file << coursesWithLectureNotes

Incidentally, the best ones (having "Lecture Notes" mentioned more than once on their opening page) are:

2 1.138J Wave Propagation Fall 2000
2 10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering Fall 2001
2 11.943J Urban Transportation, Land Use, and the Environment Spring 2002
2 5.33 Advanced Chemical Experimentation and Instrumentation Fall 2002
2 6.071 Introduction to Electronics Fall 2002
2 7.03 Genetics Fall 2001

ok stopping programming work

Starting some programming work at home

listen to more radio

Stuff to do with Ji-Hwan

DQ Blizzard

Msgr M's homily

We are God's city; God is its light. We are tabernacl s for God's presence. This is our peace

Monday, May 17, 2004

Eyestrain Basics

Eyestrain Basics

Monsignor Michael's homily

know God's word so I can follow it. With guidance from the CCC. Our peace is being tabernacles of God.

What I like to do when I get together...

... with Dale, Tom, Karrie: a board game, and then a snack or meal.

Junk food for tonight




Chester Cheetos crunch - hard kind, pretzels, Miss Vickies Sea Salt, Pringles, Old Dutch any not salt, Corn Chips,


black licorice,

Hmm... the mission statement I've come up with thus far is more of a means that an end. I want an end!

So my ideal life is one of prayer, quality time with people, contribution, and moments of intense creativity.

What's important to me

Prayer, interesting projects, quality time, delighting others

I get a high from...

... doing for people things about which they can be delighted.

RoadMatcher task suggestions

* better AutoAdjust progress reporting
* optimize AutoMatch performance
* quick ref guide

Stuff to add to the RoadMatcher user's guide

“Source Datasets Invalid” warning label
Separated Conflation Options from Application Options
Import Source Package
Export Result Package
Generate Adjustment Vectors
QA check for invalid geometry
New Session Wizard
Result menu functions (Options, Generate Result Layer, Save Package)
Conflation profile
Warp Selected Vertices adjustment method
Adjustment constraints
Precedence rules (default, script, class)
Improved result attributes: added Adjusted, Source, splitFrom, splitTo attributes, only store one set of conflation attributes; allow user to select which source attributes should be exported

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Example of using Ruby as a shell script

def exec(s)

webDir = "c:\\Documents and Settings\\Jon\\My Documents\\My Pictures\\Web"
exec("del /Q \"#{webDir}\\*.*\"")
1.upto(25) {|i|
exec("ls --sort=time --format=single-column \"c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/My Pictures/Managed Photos\" | grep --ignore-case jpg | head --lines=#{i} | tail --lines=1 | xargs --replace=- cp \"c:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/My Pictures/Managed Photos/-\" \"./Photo#{i}a.jpg\"")
exec("c:\\Program Files\\ImageMagick-6.0.1-Q16\\convert.exe -sample 800x600 Photo#{i}a.jpg Photo#{i}.jpg")
exec("c:\\Program Files\\ImageMagick-6.0.1-Q16\\convert.exe -sample 150x112 Photo#{i}a.jpg Thumbnail#{i}a.jpg")
exec("montage -geometry +0+0 -background skyblue -label \"%[EXIF:datetime]\" Thumbnail#{i}a.jpg Thumbnail#{i}.jpg")

exec("ftp -i -n -s:\"c:\\Documents and Settings\\Jon\\My Documents\\Programming And Computers\\UploadPhotos.ftp\"")

The Ruby Programming Language

Matz talks about Ruby's advantages: The Ruby Programming Language

Idea for Wm Hd organ hymn for May 30

Come Holy Spirit -- CBW 416. Do you like that one?

Notes for tonight's William Head service

Holy God We Praise Thy Name -- print neumes for all

Send Us Your Spirit -- scan pages for Tim

Variations on Veni Sancte Spiritus: Capo 3 A sus, lento. Bass high improv?
a capella x 4 venis
A sus x 4 venis
strum+5, A sus x 1 veni
strum+0, A sus x 1 veni
strum+5, A sus x 1 veni
strum+0, A sus x 1 veni
=> 10 x 4 venis
A sus x 2 venis
A sus + aah x 2 venis
=> 8 x 2 venis (+ top)
=> 10 x 2 venis (+ top)
=> 13 x 2 venis (+ top)
=> 15 x 2 venis (+ top)
a capella x 1 veni
strum+5, A sus x 1 veni
strum+0, A sus x 1 veni
strum+5, A sus x 1 veni
strum+0, A sus x 1 veni
strum+(5), rit

another interesting typo: editied

Music at William Head

seeing Jesus through resurrection eyes
- receive HS so we can see/hear differently
- Calling On The Spirit => Open Our Eyes, Spirit Of The Living God,

Send Us Your Spirit G189,
Veni Sancte Spiritus
City of God G294

todo: read up on annotations and Java 1.5 stuff

Saturday, May 15, 2004

more interesting typos: clooting

cool words: heartbean, medulla oblongata

XStream: a Java2XML without config files, and permitting circular dependencies!!

I've got to check this out -- want to see if I can serialize the
ConflationSession to XML !!!!!

computer, multimedia, internet

Good links to stuff I like -- needs translation from Dutch. Maybe find other pages with similar links: computer, multimedia, internet

Free stuff after rebate

Looks interesting -- wonder what the reviews are on this site:


Tell Vivid about SendThisFile and iProject (or whatever)

Try typing your VIN number into Google...

This might be a way to get info about your car without paying anything.

Java stuff to check out: Jakarta Commons, XStream

Free file transfer web service

This is a good free web service for transferring *large* files to
people: . Good for us because we don't
have an FTP server. Note that if you exceed 100 MB or so,
file-transfer speeds are downgraded (unless you upgrade to a paid
account). Plus free account puts ads in the recipient's email, I think
(so not good for important clients). But it's good enough for when I
need to send .jar and .zip files to people.


Friday, May 14, 2004

Another cool link: free stuff at

Another cool link: Check out the categories
down the left side. Personally I'm into the free software and free web
services, but you might be interested in others as well.

Good web service for project management:

Batch processing of images: ImageMagick - Convert, Edit, and Compose Images

Digital Photo Storage

Cool link: flikr

You said you wanted cool links. Here's one:


good keyword: "buzz"

Internet news: e-commerce, media, content, marketing, advertising. Corante.

as I live the questions: Comparing and Contrasting Social Networks

Goals for the week: Rehearse music, study MIT courseware, 8 hours of sleep, quality time with friends and family, hour of prayer, almsgiving

I like the environment at Refractions -- positive, full of people who like to think, big on open source and the open source community.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

stop work: 10:57

RoadMatcher -- would be nice if system layers were excluded from the layer comboboxes

9:07 PM starting some work at home

I wonder what self-portrait mode does

My ideal work day: 1-5, in a room with a window and door, at home! 2 big LCD screens, XP.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

brk 11:29 to chat with Alan

check warnings work, both for manual adjustment tools and AutoAdjust

RoadMatcher notes: some of the toolbox buttons are not transparent, and you can tell on XP because the panel background is a little different from Win2K.

Also, setting the button margins to 0,0,0,0 looks good on Win2K but not on XP! (very cramped)

When I was growing up, I told people I was going to be a detective. Or an orthodontist.

Hmm -- by lighting up the space behind my LCD monitor, my eyes seem to be more comfortable (a little)

9:38 PM I'm going to start doing some work

A new game w Dale (e.g. Settlers Kartenspiel); lunch w Isobel

Something else I liked: drawing comics

Another thing I get angry about: how wealth is distributed based on performance rather than need. And how we must constantly worry about survival instead of taking care of each other, which would be a lot less stressful.

some toys i really liked growing up: transformers, turbo hopper, gi joe, space lego, he-man, 100-in-1 electronics kit, model rocket, pocket lcd video games, laser tag, mini arcade machines (never had one tho), robot dust vac, space shuttle (with sounds), Yes 'n No Books, Hardy Boys Detective Handbook, squirt guns, 25c machines, puff balls with eyes and feet, swatches, uniball pens, Punisher comic books, plastic rifle, cap grenades, yellow submersible with claws, scooter, skateboards, BMX bikes

Good for Wm Hd: The Strife Is O'er

todo: read a book on photography (or digital photography, if that's any different)

Wonder how this search engine compares to Google: Teoma Search: About Teoma

This might be a good way to sharpen my mental saw: MIT OpenCourseWare | OCW Home

I like my Olympus D-390, but here are some faults I find with it:

- doesn't use power from USB when transferring photos to computer -- drains batteries instead!
- no optical zoom
- can't turn on menus when lens barrier is closed
- no dock
- no battery charger
- must wade through menus to get to scene selector (portrait, macro, landscape etc.) -- wish this was on a physical dial like on Canons

Stuff I really like

- price ($130 Cdn at Office Depot)
- self-portrait mode, where you can point the camera at yourself (is this mode unique to Olympus?)
- lens barrier, which doubles as power switch (lower-end cameras like Kodak's often don't even have a lens cap)
- quality: 2 megapixels are adequate for 5x7's

- by default, all the settings reset when you turn the camera off. Set it so that it doesn't do this (see manual for details)
- set the flash to be always off! On one shot it made my mom look like a ghost. Besides, with it off, pictures will appear as in their natural light.

One thing slowing down the AutoAdjusting might be that it is repainting as each road segment is adjusted...

JTabbedPane#getPreferredSize returns incorrect value for multi-line tabs: bug id: 4879877 Problem in JTabbedPane's preferred size computation

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Rate of typing up mom's notes: 9 minutes per page.

try a lower brightness, contrast

try some more natural light

If money were no object, what would I be doing with my life? A lot of flying -- Sunday brunch with Mom and Dave in Vancouver every two weeks, a visit to Dad in the Philippines every two months. I would spend my time spending money to make sure the people I love have all that they need to live and grow. (Example: new (safe) cars for Dave and Pam. Oh and a house).

Some of my week would be devoted to giving donations to organizations and individuals. $13M to the Diocese for starters. I'd slowly make millionaires out of everyone I know (and meet).

Some would just be quality time with Mom -- driving, traveling, meals, taking pictures.

Some would be times of quiet and prayer. I'll need a spiritual director because I need guidance about how to spend this time.

I'd fly in to watch
all Dave's hockey games -- for sure he'd have the best equipment.

So: prayer, family time, contribution. Funny, those are things I can do now!

The Java bug about menus disappearing:

Possible workaround:

Actually here is better: 639568.886684102, 5480752.701664159

Good spot for post-AutoMatch AutoAdjust: 653188.0227271083, 5485084.004479196

Kevin recommends for me: - The ultimate bridge building game page

Kevin recommended a neat person to read a bio of: Tesla

learn more NVC vocabulary!

Next Mother's Day: picnic with the Reyes, or drive to US

phone, bonsai

What excites me in or about the world? Team sports. Discovering a new =
web service or software application that is useful to me (and free). A =
new gadget that is useful to me. My favourite foods -- pizza, fish and =
chips, natchos. Opportunities to demonstrate my musical talents and =
creative visual talents. Telling people about easy ways to make their =
lives more efficient. Books about finding one's life mission. Books =
about scripting programming languages. Looking at old photographs. =
Putting those old photographs on the web. Writing a script to automate =
something on the computer.

Gifts I'd really like: for my digital camera: memory card, rechargeable =
batteries. All-in-one colour PDA/camera/phone. Web hosting service with =


Set your heart on things above rather than on things below.

Bring harmony, interdependence, and compassion into the spaces you enter.

Drop everything to follow the creative impulse.

Cherish your family and your friends.

Who is doing the work I most wish I could be doing? Those coders who =
work in an old house instead of an office. And Google employees, with =
their fun, relaxed, caring policies (like free lunches and on-site =
doctor and dentist).

What I did for fun when I was a child: turn my cars upside down and =
visualize the intricate underparts as some space city. Nintendo. Circle =
potential Christmas gifts in the Consumer's Distributing catalogue. Play =
dice-based role-playing-game books about dragons and elves and heroes. =
Electric guitar (and guitar magazines). Floor hockey. Building =
skateboard ramps. Mountain biking. Making sundials to sell. Writing =
computer games. Drawing comics. Hanging out downtown with friends. =
Building model boats, cars, planes. Lego. Table tennis. Go-Karts. Slip =
'n slide. Board games: Crossbows and Catapults, Fortress America. Books: =
The Three Investigators, the Hardy Boys. Neighbourhood detective club.

Things that I get angry about: someone hurting someone I love. Waiting =
40 min for a bus. Criticism. Technology problems.

"Set your hearts on things above, not on things below"

Msgr M's homily: test: love as Jesus did, seeing everything as God'e =
gift (cf NVC). The gospel of love. Co-work with God (Emmanuel). Bear =

Black's 388-6620

todo: get back in touck w Isobel

Jon's Credo/Principles
Back to Jon's Brain Online

Monday, May 10, 2004

Hmm ... IBM?

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Jon's digital camera criteria: flash, crisp on computer screen, =
blur-resistant, low-res mode, quick (or no) menus

nice to haves: battery charger, dock, tripod

don't need: LCD, fx

Olympus D-390 $140
Kodak CX-6200 $130
Kodak CX-7300 $174
Konika KD-220Z $183
HP 435 $165
HP 318 $150
HP 120 $100

olympus camedia d-390 $180 at Japan Camera

My talents:=20

programming, violin, guitar, singing, nvc,

quick reflexes, appreciating poetry, simplifying interfaces, picking out =
music parts, transfering displays to different contexts,

detecting small visual changes, technical writing, math, replicating a =
music style, finding info on the web,

theatre-set design, resourcefulness with household items, knowledge of =
science, knowledge of literature, making trumpet sounds through my teeth

I've heard people tell me I'm good at: reading maps, using computers, =
working with volatile requirements.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Free online photo-sharing: Google Search: free

Friday, May 07, 2004

$100 HP 120 1MP, 3.5 stars*30, + simple operation, 54 lo images, webcam good image quality for 5x7 - flash useful only 4'-9', 4 AAs < 1d, 3-sec post-shot (30-sec w flash), bad for close-ups
$130 Kodak CX-6200
$140 Olumpus D-390
$150 HP 318
$165 HP 435
$174 Kodak CX-7300
$183 Konika KD-220Z

mercury slim cam 2.1 MP

If I started a business or organization to solve a need, that need would =
be for housing for people with low (or no) income.

I would like to see someone write a bestselling book on this need: =
bringing harmony into negative environments. And one on detecting one's =
purpose in life.

The magazines that interest me most at a newsstand would be: Wired, Java =
Developer's Journal, Macleans. The recordings I listen to are mostly my =
music appreciation CDs and poetry tapes. Also interesting would be to =
look at my web bookmarks (Gmail suggests connection) and Plucker feeds.

On Slashdot I like reading about new free software tools for writing, =
web browsing (knowledge), email (connection) programming (creating?). I =
usually skip the articles to do with legal fights, atomic physics, and =
linux (not relevant to me right now).

Maybe I'll look at Bolles' book on finding one's mission. I like his =

If I were to create a TV special about something that moves me, it would =
probably be about cool, free/low-cost things you can do with your =

I will bring compassion and harmony into whatever space I enter

todo: check out digital cams

If my dad could live life over, one thing he might do might be more =
painting or landscaping.

If my mom could live life over, one thing she might do might be =
investing in real estate.

I now imagine myself to be in a room. Mom comes up to me and gives me a =
wrapped gift: it's photographs of our family and of her childhood. Next, =
Dad gives me a gift: an inspirational book he has written. My brother =
gives me videotapes of all the games from his childhood hockey career.

mission mod: drop "fun person"

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Bookmarks: add currency converter

Vivid: Wish I had a whiteboard somewhere near my desk

Node N is inconsistent if includedLocationsInNeighbourhood > 1

includedLocationsInNeighbourhood = nodes that are 0, 1, or 2 hops away

RoadMatcher todo: investigate slow result-state updating

RoadMatcher: Cancel button on AutoMatch progress dialog doesn't do anything

RoadMatcher: AdjustEndpoints button

* adjustment constraints
* line segment length check
* #adjustable returns String if there are Unknown incident segments
* undo?
* progress
* use original line if possible
* don't adjust twice! Get all candidates first then eliminate duplicates
* don't adjust both endpoints! One at a time. (Or iterate until 0 adjustments are performed)
* adjustment precedence rules

Q: How do we find the inconsistencies?
A: EndpointAdjuster#adjustable

Fire back some stats, like number of adjustments made, reasons for adjustments not being made

* max adjustment size/angle
* ...

Yo bro -- I sent a letter to Ninang Lou using the US Postal Service
internet site! Cost me $1.50US. Turns out you can send real cards too
using the service! And you might be able to send to Canadian and
international addresses too!!!

I'd much rather use internet than stamps, even if it costs a little more.

another element to add to my mission: family

A diff of versions of the design doc turned up some minor mods:

* drop "Transfer Vertices" checkbox
* align controls in layout of Precedence Tab
* new layout in AutoMatch Tab
* after New Session, display session name in titlebar (currently it only =
works for Open Session and Save Session)
* auto-number default session name (e.g. Session1. Currently it is just =

Let me know if you want me to hold off on any of the above (half day for =

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Kodak EasyShare CX6200 2MP Digital Camera, 134.99 at Future Shop
HP PhotoSmart 635, $189.98 at London Drugs
Polaroid 1.3-MP Photomax Digital Camera & Dock PDC1075, $68.00 US clearance at Wal-Mart

Another spec todo:

The filename of the last profile loaded will be kept in roads-options.xml to be used as the default profile for new conflation sessions in the future. Should this filename become obsolete, reasonable parameters will be used as the default.

I will bring harmony, interdependence, and compassion into whatever space I enter

RoadMatcher: Once save session, task still has modified marker ("*") ...

RoadMatcher issue: source attribute named "Length"

todo: check out the GnuWIN32 utilities

mission: care => harmony and love

Refactoring is a way of "denormalizing" code. I wonder if this points to a convergence between code and relational databases...

Good alternatives to "set": assign, configure

todo: add backlinks to picture page; add index.html to shaw

todo: learn more sed, awk

I like my mission statement but it is lacking a spiritual component.

Something I could do that would have a tremendous positive impact on my =
spiritual life: reading the Bible and the Catechism daily.

energetic, unorthodox




I will promote interdependence and community in my relationships

the creative impulse

am in => enter

Creativity and Community

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

work todos: IssueLog vs Issue Log; Test _1 with conflation attribute names, in source; enforce order

$30 digital camera: Vivitar ViviCam 3350

What's important to Ji-Hwan: simplicity, and his family's health

What Mom wants: cleanliness and simplicity

Drop everything to follow a burst of creative inspiratioo

Music saw: recreate songs on Casio

improve nvc vocabulary

Haugen Holy - Mike; Haugen Lamb - mike start

An environment of compassion and love. Quote: Google reason no. 10.

Msgr Michael's homily: pray for those being baptized today.

Shorten length of last note on Celtic

Monday, May 03, 2004

Keyboard Shortcuts to use in Microsoft Word

RoadMatcher FAQ: Why didn't my vertex get transferred over? A: It may have been discarded because it would have created a short segment.

Someone I admire: Sister Judi, for her vitality and independent thinking.

todo: read Gray's essay "The Common Denominator of Success"

Covey's suggestion about reading great literature ties in with Adler.

Something that would make a tremendous positive difference in my =
personal life: setting aside half a day to tap into my right brain for =
mission-statement ideas.

And in my professional life: researching eye-strain and brain-strain. =
And getting 8 hours of sleep each night.

Game for tonight (4-5 players):

Carc, Thru, LOTR, PoF, Taj, Settlers (4), Puerto, Citadels, Acquire

Amun-Re, Carc?, Puerto, Princes, PoF, Taj, El Grande, Citadels,

One more centre I didn't mention, and a strong one of late: my computer. =
This would fall under Covey's "Possesion Centre"

Fr Sig's homily: repetition: that there was persecution. What is our =
response to being called by name?

Vocations week. Pray for our priests, and for Christian marriages.

Covey values interdependence -- this ties in with the need for community =
identified by NVC.

todo: reconnect with Vic, dad

As I read Covey's chapter on Alternative Centers, I see myself in his =
descriptions of Pleasure-Centred and Self-Centred, and a bit also in =
Church-Centred and Possession-Centred (the latter on the reputation =

The idea of NVC journaling, which I heard about from Sister Judi, ties =
in with Covey's notion of "rescripting"

Yesterday, trying to help H_____ study, I insisted on him re-answering =
the sample questions, with me correcting them page by page, rather than =
H_____'s idea of me writing all the answers for him to study. I regret =
my insistence, because it deprived H_____ of the freedom and initiative =
that would have benifited him. Next time I will give H_____ the support =
he specifically *requests*; I will not usurp his initiative.

Covey's focus on proactivity ties in to NVC's point about feelings and =
needs being independent of particular persons.

Thoughts on the kind of person I want to be.

Family - self-sacrificing, supportive, patient

Friends - cheerful, comforting, caring

Profession - learning, listening, proactive, centred

Church - creative, competent, prayerful, challenging

Covey talks about the balance between putting energy into short-term =
wins vs putting energy into long-term wins.

Part of Covey's process is to identify roles (and later, goals for those =
roles). I have in the past identified my primary roles as: =
family/friend, programmer/analyst, and church musician. I like the low =
number of roles (3), but I wonder if expanding them would offer any =
benefit. Family/friend is about connections with: mom (and Ninang Lou, =
Auntie Madre), dad, bro (and Pam), Dale (and Tom), Vic (and Betta, =
Liza), Nick (and Alan), Andrew (and Chris). Perhaps it's worth splitting =
into Family and Friend.

Obviously missing to me are roles related to "the poor" and to God and =
to financial independence.

todo: think: Fr Sg Jun 27

read nvc book. Maybe do the exercises.

search for amazon lists with both Covey and Rosenberg

Try to find a copy of Slate89

nvc journal: on tutoring

idea: flute and violin alternate verses on Columba axpexit (or other =
song) (no accompaniment)

todos: krazy glue PDA velcro; clean out wallet, knapsack

todo: journaling, poetry, mus apprec

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Tim said to pick two songs and we will go over them before the communion service

Music at William Head, Sunday, May 2, 2004

G274 - The Lord Is My Shepherd - strum 5; v 3, 4: high

Overhead - Open Our Eyes - fingerpick 6.5; G; melodish intro

Celtic Alleluia - strum 5; G

Holy - pluck 8; CBW 283A

Lamb - pick 6.5; capo 1; Dsus+Csap

GP151 - On Eagle's Wings - fingerpick 6.5; first 5 notes; 126

Blessing - pick 6.5; G

H1 - Joyful Joyful - organ; v 1, 3

Master 2.9, Lo 15, Mid 15, Hi 5
Port 1: pluck 8, pick 6.5, strum 5

More tidbits to go into the mission statement:




smart: * solutions to difficult problems creative: * unorthodox, unusually effective and delightful solutions patient: * harmony in relationships with co-workers and clients

smart: * apply what I learn about relationships from the body of wisdom literature creative: * creative celebration of birthdays and other events patient: * win-win resolution of disagreements through empathy

smart: * tutoring creative: * spontaneity in relationships patient: * empathy in times of crisis

Any Victoria low-cost housing project

Ensure that everybody in the world (present and future) has their basic needs met: food, clothing, shelter

Found an international centre for conflict resolution that will be effective in ending all wars around the world (present and future)

Fund medical research to find cures for all diseases (present and future), starting with the worst ones

1. A year ago my co-workers had a game of volleyball on the rooftop of the Sticky Wicket pub. I was pretty excited beforehand and throughout, because it was an opportunity for me to exercise my superb reflexes and noble strategies of self-sacrifice. And I wanted recognition and respect for my skills. 2. Four years ago, when I was deciding what career to pursue, I was working through What Color Is Your Parachute, writing stor! ies from my life to try to identify my favourite skills, interests, and environment. I was intrigued by the life I had lived so far, and I was curious to learn more about myself. 3. In my UBC residence, our floor participated in a Lounge Decorating Contest. With five floormates I stayed up all night and all day to transform our common lounge into an incredible haunted forest, with Ansel-Adams-like trees (of newsprint) and mysterious, flickering forest eyes (effects courtesy of our lounge TV). I was exhilarated during and after the experience, because it fulfilled my need for exercising my creativity.

intelligence and knowledge


serenity in the midst of stressful situations

I would not have exposed myself to x. I would have learned NVC earlier and communicated with compassion with my close friends and family. I would have maintained frequent exercise after graduating from high school. I would have gotten 8 hours of sleep every night. I would have found a spiritual director! to guide me. I would have learned about life from the classics of world literature. I would have kept in touch with my close friends and family. I would have watched most of Dave's hockey games. I would have taken photos throughout my life.

My learning

Diocese debt

expand NVC vocabulary

get 8 hours of sleep every night

play sports 3 times a week

read leadership books

Hyundai Pony

Sacred Heart Music, Sunday May 2

578 All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Before the sun burned bright (504)
488 The Lord's My Shepherd
Hail, Holy Queen, enthroned above (457)

Another interesting debugging tool: MVT

An interesting debugger

Saturday, May 01, 2004

When the mission statement is done, I'll create a GeoCities page for it and link to it from this blog: Jon's Mission.

There are some really effective right-brain mission-statement exercises out there, which I have mentioned below. I'm going to try some tomorrow (Sunday). Can't wait!!

"But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute... look at it and really see it... live it... and never give it back." -- Erma Bombeck

First cut at a mission statement, using the FranklinCovey Mission Builder. I quite like it. It's a bit like a new shoe -- pretty rough right now, and will need a lot of working in. This "working in" will take the form of some of the mission-statement exercises I have seen today. Anyway, here it is in embryonic form:

I will listen carefully to the ideas of others so that I have a deep understanding of what they are trying to convey.
I will care deeply about the interests and welfare of my family, friends, and the individuals I meet each day
I will be a fun person to be around: positive, spontaneous, unorthodox, energetic
I will seek out instances of community in which I can be a part of the mutual enrichment of life
I will do something only if I can see that it furthers my life mission
I will communicate with love and compassion
I will drop everything to pursue moments of intense creative inspiration
I will create a caring atmosphere in my home, in my work area, in the choir loft, whatever space I am in
I will fully understand your position before telling you mine
I will share my goods with those who have most need of them, and I will receive from them the gifts they want to share

More good right-brain mission-statement exercises: More Personal Mission Statement Exercises for Job-Seekers The author refers to "The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life", a book which I want to check out sometime.

Good right-brain mission-statement exercises: Personal Mission Statement Exercises for Job-Seekers

This online mission-statement builder has come a long way since I tried it a few years ago: FranklinCovey > Mission Builder. I like the background music!

Sacred Heart Music, Saturday May 2

578 All People That On Earth Do Dwell

A le
luia le ia lu
A le lu u ia

I am the good shepherd, says


I know my sheep, and know

488 The Lord's My Shepherd
Violin: He Shall Feed His Flock
597 Bread Of Life
174 All The Ends Of The Earth

Snippets to go into the mission statement:

"gratitude to God", "enrich the lives of the people he met on the way", "source of strength for his mother", sharpening the saw so I will have energy/capability to help others, people who don't have what they need (food, clothing, and a home, especially), NVC stuff including the idea of "making life wonderful", Covey's stuff, nd also that I was very gentle, and very supportive of her endeavours. To live a life of gratitude to God, and to continually seek ways to enrich the lives of people I meet on the way. the presence of Christ to others, To be close to God and to my family, and to be a part of making wonderful things happen, with Jesus as my model. reach out to people, help them to find hope

I'm thinking the best time to MSN someone in Korea is Friday/Saturday evening, because then it's Saturday/Sunday afternoon in Korea.

Too good to be true? Free e-mail-to-post

Various online-mailing services: Hybrid Messaging - Hybrid Mail Research

This looks like a good online-mailing service: "" Reasons why to use World Post Services.

List of email-to-post services