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Sunday, May 02, 2004

More tidbits to go into the mission statement:




smart: * solutions to difficult problems creative: * unorthodox, unusually effective and delightful solutions patient: * harmony in relationships with co-workers and clients

smart: * apply what I learn about relationships from the body of wisdom literature creative: * creative celebration of birthdays and other events patient: * win-win resolution of disagreements through empathy

smart: * tutoring creative: * spontaneity in relationships patient: * empathy in times of crisis

Any Victoria low-cost housing project

Ensure that everybody in the world (present and future) has their basic needs met: food, clothing, shelter

Found an international centre for conflict resolution that will be effective in ending all wars around the world (present and future)

Fund medical research to find cures for all diseases (present and future), starting with the worst ones

1. A year ago my co-workers had a game of volleyball on the rooftop of the Sticky Wicket pub. I was pretty excited beforehand and throughout, because it was an opportunity for me to exercise my superb reflexes and noble strategies of self-sacrifice. And I wanted recognition and respect for my skills. 2. Four years ago, when I was deciding what career to pursue, I was working through What Color Is Your Parachute, writing stor! ies from my life to try to identify my favourite skills, interests, and environment. I was intrigued by the life I had lived so far, and I was curious to learn more about myself. 3. In my UBC residence, our floor participated in a Lounge Decorating Contest. With five floormates I stayed up all night and all day to transform our common lounge into an incredible haunted forest, with Ansel-Adams-like trees (of newsprint) and mysterious, flickering forest eyes (effects courtesy of our lounge TV). I was exhilarated during and after the experience, because it fulfilled my need for exercising my creativity.

intelligence and knowledge


serenity in the midst of stressful situations

I would not have exposed myself to x. I would have learned NVC earlier and communicated with compassion with my close friends and family. I would have maintained frequent exercise after graduating from high school. I would have gotten 8 hours of sleep every night. I would have found a spiritual director! to guide me. I would have learned about life from the classics of world literature. I would have kept in touch with my close friends and family. I would have watched most of Dave's hockey games. I would have taken photos throughout my life.

My learning

Diocese debt

expand NVC vocabulary

get 8 hours of sleep every night

play sports 3 times a week

read leadership books


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