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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Word-to-PDF notes

1. Probably the reason why GhostView makes gray stuff brown is the dpi: it is set to 72. Try bumping it up to 300 (this is the resolution that PDFMoto uses)

2. PDFMoto chokes if a Word Picture contains text boxes.

3. Turn off PDFMoto's JPEG-compression option

I'm using Word-To-PDF to convert the quick ref guide, and PDFMoto to convert the user guide. Wish I could use PDF moto for the quick ref guide, but it leaves out a lot of elements from the first page for some reason.

Word-To-PDF: turn off image compression. Bring dpi down from default 1200 to typical printer dpi of 600.

No longer using Word-To-PDF -- it was creating a 70-MB quick ref! Go with GhostWord -- set resolution to 600 and image resolutions to 600.

Ooh -- Word-To-PDF and GhostWord somehow reduce the image resolution of my screenshots, making them look really bad. I'll try PDFMoto again -- maybe it'll stop getting confused if I group all my objects together.

Figured out why PDFMoto was dying -- somehow caused by a graphic too high up into the top margin.


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