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Saturday, May 01, 2004

First cut at a mission statement, using the FranklinCovey Mission Builder. I quite like it. It's a bit like a new shoe -- pretty rough right now, and will need a lot of working in. This "working in" will take the form of some of the mission-statement exercises I have seen today. Anyway, here it is in embryonic form:

I will listen carefully to the ideas of others so that I have a deep understanding of what they are trying to convey.
I will care deeply about the interests and welfare of my family, friends, and the individuals I meet each day
I will be a fun person to be around: positive, spontaneous, unorthodox, energetic
I will seek out instances of community in which I can be a part of the mutual enrichment of life
I will do something only if I can see that it furthers my life mission
I will communicate with love and compassion
I will drop everything to pursue moments of intense creative inspiration
I will create a caring atmosphere in my home, in my work area, in the choir loft, whatever space I am in
I will fully understand your position before telling you mine
I will share my goods with those who have most need of them, and I will receive from them the gifts they want to share


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