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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Music at Sacred Heart, July 3

174 All The Ends
435 Lift High
39 Peace Is Flowing
542 Canticle Of The Sun

Other things I like about GMail

smart-coloring and smart-hiding of quoted text

todo: read dinosaur brains

File Types Created for Visual C++ Projects

Lat Long: -140, 50
UTM Zone 7: 571666.448, 5539109.815
BC Albers: 2789.41356749553, 652712.280922532

Lat Long: -140, 51
UTM Zone 7: 570168.862, 5650300.787
BC Albers: 24657.1657037581, 761842.537598174

Lat Long: -134, 50
UTM Zone 8: 571666.448, 5539109.815
BC Albers: 427653.995826736, 586158.117266004

Lat Long: -134, 51
UTM Zone 8: 570168.862, 5650300.787
BC Albers: 440204.926117415, 696747.834936423

Lat Long: -128, 50
UTM Zone 9: 571666.448, 5539109.815
BC Albers: 856627.567068475, 555809.391848793

Lat Long: -128, 51
UTM Zone 9: 570168.862, 5650300.787
BC Albers: 859771.569818923, 667064.624320303

Lat Long: -122, 50
UTM Zone 10: 571666.448, 5539109.815
BC Albers: 1286630.43831932, 561883.984375596

Lat Long: -122, 51
UTM Zone 10: 570168.862, 5650300.787
BC Albers: 1280344.94209099, 673006.007587685

Lat Long: -116, 50
UTM Zone 11: 571666.448, 5539109.815
BC Albers: 1714575.53105068, 604338.284104685

Lat Long: -116, 51
UTM Zone 11: 570168.862, 5650300.787
BC Albers: 1698905.66070609, 714529.330333352

UTM <=> Albers

Example: 425404.888,5316784.009 <=> 48,-124

Example: 1149647.068, 333772.029 <=> 48,-124
For BC Albers use:
First Standard Parallel: 50
Second Standard Parallel: 58.5
Central Meridian: -126
Latitude Of Origin: 45
Longitude Of Origin: 0
Easting False Origin: -1000000
Northing False Origin: 0

Firefox: I wish different icons would be used...

...for the browser window, Download Manager window and View Source windows -- I get confused between them in the taskbar.

EMMA: a free Java code coverage tool

Java Map

Re: I did it!! First SEASON for the BIG D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Bro -- Hooray! I'm thrilled that you climbed back onto the leaderboard!


On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 00:02:21 -0700, Dave Aquino wrote:
> Jonny boy,
> Today is a good day!!! I just looked at the stats for my hockey league......and I am #1 on my team and 10th overall for the entire league!!
> Hey, not bad for 15 years after retirement! I got playoffs coming then I am looking forward to the winter season!!
> Love,
> Davey boy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

less self-effacing


Mom says Life is too short

That's why she doesn't worry.

The ideal week

* 98.5 ideas
* experiment w pedal
* mom: tweak guit sound
* times to meditate
* read John Powell, Wayne Mueller
* Yasuhiro: ice cream, Christmas hill
* prayer: Carlos, Samuel
* Tufte random
* Lambrick Park
*gnu text tools


but also:
*pay bills
*ji-hwan's form
*Fr. Sig's funeral
*prep mus; songs => bea, raf, bruce; violin variety

Stuff I learned today

From Jeanette: periodic life reassessments to remind myself of what I'm passionate about. Importance of being open to new ways of doing things.

From Stephen: fulfilment found through consideration for others. How addiction distracts people from this -- they become zombies.

Bubble tea with friends


life reassessment

Bolles' mission book


You've probably heard of kaizen...

...which is the Japanese idea of "continuous improvement". Well, Yasuhiro taught me another important Japanese idea: Jotatsu. It refers to the improvement resulting from repeated practice.

Where Pricelessware fits


John Powell, Fully Human Fully Alive

also: Wayne Mueller


review: I like to create, not fix

I like code feedback

Pranic Healing

this is an audio post - click to play

todo: read the wisdom literature

Learn from the mistakes of others and do not repeat them.

stuff to bring to the client site

source code
install zip
admin guide

Ruby Standard Library Documentation

Yahoo! Directory AU & NZ Internet > Maps

Monday, June 28, 2004

Feedster :: RSS Search Engine

Hyperlinkomatic : Getting Started



TinyApps.Org : Hom

TinyApps.Org : Home

todo: learn how to write an Eclipse plugin [STS]

There are some good movies on right now --

-- see the reviews at --
although none of them are playing at the Roxy.

I'm kind of dreading Van Helsing ...

... because I read a negative review of it: . Are there any other
movies you are interested in watching? If not, I'll go to Van Helsing
with you guys.

Joel on Software - How Microsoft Lost the API War

todo: Jon's Desktop/Fridge

How to dynamically add a custom component to a JFileChooser dialog

chooser.addAncestorListener(new AncestorListener() {
public void ancestorAdded(AncestorEvent event) {
((JDialog) SwingUtilities.windowForComponent(chooser))
.getContentPane().add(checkBox, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
public void ancestorMoved(AncestorEvent event) {}
public void ancestorRemoved(AncestorEvent event) {}

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Re: Hello Warren

Warren -- thought you might be interested in this funny amateur video
"Office Space Wars":

I need to be careful...

...that the internet doesn't suck up all my time. The internet is powerful magic, but dangerous.

"Hi I am Ji-Hwan ..."

this is an audio post - click to play

CogniDial Discount International Long Distance Secure Online Order Form

"Well, I'm just trying out this audioblogging service ..."

this is an audio post - click to play

url2bmp.exe -url -format png -file newsmap\newsmap.png -wx 1024 -wy 768 -bx 1024 -by 768 -wait 10 -notinteractive -maximize -removesb

Ji-Hwan recommends...

violin, turning up guitar, more use of piano

Another good thing...

...about working at vivid: hours are reasonable

Music at William Head

GP 193/47: Sing A New Song; strum 5

G 222: You Are The Voice; strum 5; G capo 2

Celtic Alleluia; strum 5; G

CBW 283A: Holy; pluck 8

Lamb; pick 6.5; capo 1; Dsus+Csap

GP 82/198: Here I Am; pick 6.5

Blessing; pick 6.5; G

GP 43/187: City Of God; strum 5

Master 2.9, Lo 15, Mid 15, Hi 5
Port 1: pluck 8, pick 6.5, strum 5

dailyrotation: sun to beef
want a gmail
MS communities team
zawodny: Web2
smallval: themed fonts

Changes I want to make... my life:

times to meditate

love of prayer

enthusiasm about creating music

quality time with family near and far

Msgr Michael's homily

Jesus walking to Jerusalem

Let the dead bury their own dead. (The spiritually dead).

Freedom to give oneself.

Gibran: giving not for the joy but to be God's eyes

try registering JPluck conduit

take Ji-Hwan and Yasuhiro ...

... to a Vancouver sushi bar. Get a ride in Dave's car ta Stanley Park, QE Park.

e icon
default printing to black draft

Online Google Tools and Services


Online Google Tools and Services

Gallery of Data Visualization

Google Alert - Smart Personalized Web Alerts - Google Alerts - Search Tracking


Google by eMail

Where Vivid Solutions fits in the world (visualization)

TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01

Sacred Heart Music (Sunday)

563 Sing a new song - for variety delete strum at beat 2 on refrain
576 You Are The Voice
198 Here I Am
174 All the ends of the earth (Least Complicated)
*1 2 3 *4 5 6 *7 8

Saturday, June 26, 2004

IDEA 2004 Gallery

Re: firefox query

Yeah, to open a link in a new tab, I believe you can simply
middle-click it (hopefully you have a middle-button, or a wheel that
you can press down). You can also middle-click to close a tab,
middle-click the tab bar to create a blank tab, and double-click in
the tab-bar to undo a tab close!

Also, I recommend getting the Tabbrowser Extension -- once it is
installed, you can set the following in Tab > Tabbrowser Extension

Advanced > Window Mode > Use One Browser Always

Startup and New > Open New Tab At > Rightside Of The Current Tab

Focus > Load New Tab In The Background When It Is Opened By > Links
With Middle-Click

Music at Sacred Heart

5 - 174 All The Ends - Standard rhythm is OK, but something new would be nice.
6.5 - 198 Here I Am - Iglesias rhythm on verse and chorus. Keep all rests.
6.5 - 126 On Eagle's Wings
6.5 - 533 Sent Forth

There are two kinds of intonation that ...

... people commonly use. One is for reading out loud, the other is for conversations. It's kind of startling to hear someone reading out loud using their conversation voice. It really brings the words alive.

This is tricky to do, and sometimes when I try to do it I'm in a gray area between the two voices.

WebMuseum: Famous Artworks exhibition


Re: firefox query

Alfonso, there are some interesting tweaks you can do with Firefox,
but perhaps the coolest is Find As You Type. Type "about:config" in
the address bar, then set "accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly" to
true. To find something, JUST START TYPING! Never need to open the
Find dialog again!

Another thing is that you can configure the address-bar search. To
make it Google (like MyIE2), go to about:config and change keyword.url

There are also a number of things from MyIE2 that I miss -- I'll need
to report this to the FireFox people sometime:

* If there are spaces in the address bar, just treat it as a URL
search -- don't throw up a chrome:// error
* If you must report an error, fine, but don't replace the address bar
contents with chrome:// blah blah blah -- just leave the url alone
because I'm going to fix what I typed
* Indicate which tabs have been visited -- put a little icon, or gray
the text or something

Re: firefox query

Hi Alfonso, here's what I do:

1. Add a bookmark for the page
2. Right-click the bookmark (yep, right on the menu) and click Properties
3. To make a URL alias, type the alias in the Keyword field. To make a
QuickSearch, type the short name in the Keyword field and stick a %s
in the appropriate position in the Location field.

So for example, for Google Groups, I've got:

Hope that helps.

Free internet-to-phone calls - The Best Free Software

CmdLineOptions library v1.6

I'm starting to get ...

...excited about music at sacred heart. because I have identified what I can give to the people. One thing is sincerity in singing the Psalm -- I'm hoping to be thoroughly familiar with the Psalm so that the people can pray through my heartfelt singing. Another thing is my guitar skills and my ability to pick up styles from recorded music -- I can bring variety and expressivity to the music using my guitar. Just thought of another one -- song selection: by choosing songs that precisely fit the readings and the homily, I help the congregation to learn and to pray.

So what needs to be done with music for me is Production rather that Production Capability.

PluckThis: Meetup


Tech Time: 50 Coolest Websites

Code TODO lines to RSS

Friday, June 25, 2004

Google Corporate Information: Ten Things

Sending Mail Direct from SMTP Server

Google Answers: Web sites that contain collections that are copyright free

find location of app

Thursday, June 24, 2004

todo: read tufte



todo: take Yasuhiro around Victoria, Swan Lake

198 Here I Am
533 Sent Forth
Bea Alleluia

Sometime let's you me and Bea...

...visit Lambrick Park church. It's a Protestant church that really rocks -- drums, bass, guitars, keyboards.

Hey Vic -- I found a very high quality free way ...

... to chat in audio on the internet. . I was talking
with my friend from Japan, and it is exceptionally clear. It'll come
in handy when you are living in Hong Kong. Do you have a microphone on
your laptop?

wrap replication spec

elevate any warnings to errors?

trap consistency errors

drop dummy Replication if no error message

take longest error message

check date
what if no replications on run?
use exception (even if no run) or :err:
handle blank lines

homepage mods

orkut contact info
hyperlink down to contacts

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Make Free Long-Distance Phone Calls--Family Tree Magazine

I want to be a programming craftsman ...

... not a programming janitor.

I need a musical recharge

Maybe by visiting Lambrick park

Hey Bro

Just wanted to let you know that I am finally putting to good use that book that you and Pam got me for my birthday: 1000 Playthinks. I'm using it as a way to keep my mind sharp.

BTW how's Pam's internet connection?

google for needs-based compensation

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

"He who rules his own spirit.. better than he that taketh a city" [Proverbs]

"You simply use the problem, ...

... whatever it is, to practice Habits 4, 5, and 6" [Covey]

"Remember that with people...

...on tough issues, fast is slow and slow is fast." [Covey]

to do: go camping


week plan

prep mus
random nvcflash
8 hours
random playthinks
random ccc
random keep in touch
random netscape radio dissect
random design patterns
random covey

"Being efficient with people in difficult situations... usually ineffective... Listening is like peednng an onion. There are many, many layers and a soft inner core." [Covey]

look up: random reading


Gift for Ji-Hwan


Fr Michael's homily

Baptism makes us equal.

importance of baptism. We welcoming. Baptize anyone who asks. Against delayng until adulthood.

todo: get songs to marilyn


Sharpening the programming saw

Random reading of Pragmatic, Design Patterns, Refactoring

sun hits Jason's desk at 1:15

Ruby Language resources

Monday, June 21, 2004

Glossary of genetic disorders- prefixes and suffixes.

Router and remote assistance

Well I've tweaked my router a bit according to some instructions on
the net, so hopefully I can now do MSN audio.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

My brother's hockey stats

Windows XP Remote Control Explained

Sacred Heart Music, Sunday June 20

10 Blest be the Lord
578 All People That On Earth Do Dwell
126 On Eagles Wings
55 Though The Mountains May Fall

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Young-Mo's homepage

Sacred Heart Music, Saturday June 19

10 Blest Be The Lord. Less-busy picking? Some Indigo Girls strum?
578 All People That On Earth Do Dwell
35 Like a Shepherd
55 Though The Mountains May Fall

the book 'Hackers and Painters' from O'Reilly Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions

centricle : favelets

More good bookmarklets

IMS Pages | Mozilla

good bookmarklets

Java 1.5

Friday, June 18, 2004

15 min brk

21:30 break
21:43 work
22:06 brk
23:17 work
01:11 stop

start work: 20:00

stop work 19:43

19:39 start work

19:26 stop work

19:25 start work

Thursday, June 17, 2004

One thing I like about...

...working for Vivid is that there is very little red tape. You won't see many UML diagrams or cerlox-bound documentation anywhere -- it's pretty earthy. In other words, you have freedom to develop solutions by creative means. That can be really fun.

todo: turn on popup blocking


Obstacles overcome

* need to ensure VDYP_PortGetEnvironment parameter has trailing slash
* need to change mapsheet in other tables e.g. species

Another sharpen the saw for programming: gnu text tools

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Today I saw an old friend...

... We were delighted to see each other, but somehow the joy seemed a bit forced, if you know what I mean. Next time I will be more honest about the emotions I express -- if I am not ecstatic but merely equanimous, I will express equanimity.

Met at Refractions

Richard, Jesse, David

BeanShell to thicken colour-themed lines

com. vividsolutions. jump. workbench. ui. renderer. style. ColorThemingStyle. get(wc. layerManager. getLayer("Dave's Layer")). setLineWidth(5);

RoadMatcher: perhaps it would be good ...

... to have a status-line warning if any of the node constraints matched nothing?

SDGW: note that sequences require order

Initial investigation: Fixes to invalid geometries are not getting replicated

* attribute updates won't get picked up -- trigger is on F table
* geometry updates will give an error -- ask if this happens. If not, how is the geometry getting fixed -- ArcMap? ... Do we need to support updates now?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

New formulation of mission statement

* to grow by following Jesus' teachings
* to share my gifts with people who are suffering, and to receive their gifts
* to create quality time with the people I love

give to and receive from...

...people who are suffering

Groovy script to update a geometry in SDE

import com.esri.sde.sdk.client.*

layer = "jon_test_1"
connection = new SeConnection("mofdevsde01", 5151, "", "scott", "tiger")
try {
shape = new SeShape(new SeLayer(connection, layer, "geometry") .getCoordRef())
shape .generatePoint(1, new com .esri .sde .sdk .client .SDEPoint[]{new SDEPoint(1000000 .0, 1000000 .0)})
update = new SeUpdate(connection)
try {
update .toTable(layer, new String[]{"geometry"}, "x = 'bloo'")
destinationRow = update .getRowToSet()
destinationRow .setShape(0, shape)
update .execute()
finally {
update .close()
connection .commitTransaction()
} finally {
connection .close()



God grant me the serenity... accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

"It usually takes a crisis... jerk a person out of their unconscious, 'being lived' mode into one of conscious reflection on what really matters most." [Stephen Covey]

interesting strum patterns

treble on off beats: least complicated 3:50

strange fire: stress 1 4 7 10 13 15

pushing the needle: Guitar 2 scale runs, repeated diminished high ornamentation

"But a control management... never taps into the deepest energies, loyalties, and creative powers of people ... Empowered cultures behind a common vision are unbeatable." [Stephen Covey]

Software Developement Tools Support - visualthought.html

Confirmed that SDGW does not require layer names to be qualified by the schema

Monday, June 14, 2004

I like to point out good things to people

I wonder if I can somehow incorporate that into my mission statement.

Each day comes, and each day goes, and what do I have to show for it?

Make stuff; create quality time; delight people; pray. That was satisfactory for a while, but now I ask: for what purpose?

I hear at church: to be a part of the mystical body of Christ in the world. That's noble and rousing, but is it exciting? Do I connect it with something I find exciting?

I guess I would be satisfied at the end of this life if I could say that I brought delight to a lot of people and stayed connected with my Creator throughout.

review - ask company mission

interesting typo: invironment

SmartCVS - Screenshots

Skype - What is Skype?

Father Anthony's homily


"You give them something to eat". Compassion.

Christ present in minister, people, Eucharist. We become Christ's body and blood. => be careful in how we treat one another.

"You come to celebrate the gift of Christ"

the saw

nvc flash
jakarta commons
indigo strum


todo: review Vivid mission

to do: learn XSLT

Sunday, June 13, 2004

"Divine Economy" = ...

...the Creator’s plan

Prayer Sandwich

awareness meditation
- Sacred Space
- Liturgy of the Hours

"People are amazingly resilient and capable of coping...

...with difficult and challenging new realities. The key is that they need complete, current, and accurate information so they can adapt." [Stephen Covey"

Sharpen the saw

Indigo Girls: strum patterns

Jakarta Commons APIs

NVC flashcards

Music at William Head

G 280: Bring Forth The Kingdom; D

G 263: Be Not Afraid; pick 6.5; G

Celtic Alleluia; strum 5; G

Holy; pluck 8; CBW 283A

Lamb; pick 6.5; capo 1; Dsus+Csap

G 222: You Are The Voice; pick 6.5; A = G capo 2

Blessing - pick 6.5; G

G 189: Send Us Your Spirit; strum 5

Master 2.9, Lo 15, Mid 15, Hi 5
Port 1: pluck 8, pick 6.5, strum 5

Ideas for William Head Communion Service tonight

send us your spirit - we want that spirit
be not afraid - I will give you rest
table of plenty - my bread will ever sustain you
"love one another" - speedup?

send us your spirit
be not afraid
you are the voice
bring forth the kingdom
city of god

One solution to the slow Gloria issue... to try a different one

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Refer to GenerateStored{rocedure.bat...

...instead of DataConversion.groovy

More checks

no null geometries, log message times, immediately report processing rates, record counts, log to file+console (.log)

Interesting links from Jon

Teoma search engine:

Directory of useful internet services:

Fantasy board game my friend just got. A bit long, and a special order item:

deal with schemas




SPAN/BC Home Page

"The whole key to this story...

...was the selection and empowerment of the right leader, someone with the Abundance Mentality." [Stephen Covey]

Friday, June 11, 2004

"So ofeen there is something much deeper ...

... going on inside of people than what they initially say. When there is, people often ask questions." [Stephen Covey]

index temp tables
order by vs subselect

I'm stressed out at the moment...

I would probably not be stressed out if by this time my code was working and tested. But alas, it is not yet complete, and difficult hurdles lie ahead: a couple of tricky business rules, and the whole issue of updating spatial.

I wonder why I haven't felt similarly stressed with my JUMP work.

Resolution: get some programming advice from Bret and Graham regarding the issues I'm facing.

"The average father spends...

...five minutes a day with a child and two hours in front of the television ... Remember that it is easy to say no to the unimportant when you have a burning yes inside you to the important" [Stephen Covey]

SDE commands

./sdelayer.exe -o delete -l veglab\$admin.veg_vegetation_cover_polygon,geometry -i mofdevsde01 -s abc -u abc -p abc

./sdelayer.exe -o add -l veglab\$admin.veg_vegetation_cover_polygon,geometry -g 10000 -e a -R 4 -i mofdevsde01 -s abc -u abc -p abc

Clearing the eshell buffer

(defun eshell/clear ()
"04Dec2001 - sailor, to clear the eshell buffer."
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Sharpen the Saw: Jakarta Commons


Good song for Wm Hd -- As we gather at your table

Sacred Heart music, Saturday June 12

16 For You Are My God
583 As We Gather
Bells: Capo 7
85 A Banquet Is Prepared
187 City of God
Intro: Arise from your 123456 123456 12Awake

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

BeanShell to add points to a spatial index

import com .vividsolutions .jts .geom .*;
import com .vividsolutions .jts .io .*;
import com .vividsolutions .jts .index .strtree .*;
import com .vividsolutions .jump .feature .*;

STRtree index = new STRtree();
for (Iterator i = wc .getLayerManager() .getLayer("3") .getFeatureCollectionWrapper() .iterator(); i .hasNext(); ) {
Feature feature = (Feature) i .next();
index .insert(feature .getGeometry() .getEnvelopeInternal(), feature .getGeometry());

Envelope envelope = new WKTReader() .read("POLYGON ((116.12585183031183 40.11217094218279, 116.12585183031183 40.13284978641936, 116.15504549276343 40.13284978641936, 116.15504549276343 40.11217094218279, 116.12585183031183 40.11217094218279))") .getEnvelopeInternal();


>> [POINT (116.151519 40.117252), POINT (116.133806 40.121107), POINT (116.146551 40.122018)]

BeanShell script to find features with repeated points

import com.vividsolutions.jump.feature.*;

repeatedPoints(geometry) {
geometry .coordinates .length - new HashSet(Arrays .asList(geometry .coordinates)) .size();

debugFC = wc .layerManager .getLayer("debug") .featureCollectionWrapper .ultimateWrappee;

for (feature : wc .layerManager .getLayer("navtech roads") .featureCollectionWrapper .features) {
BasicFeature debugFeature = new BasicFeature(debugFC.featureSchema);
debugFeature.setAttribute("GEOMETRY", feature.geometry);
debugFeature.setAttribute("REPEATEDPTS", repeatedPoints(feature.geometry));

Word macro to jump to a random page

Sub RandomPage()
' RandomPage Macro
' Macro recorded 6/9/2004 by Jonathan Aquino
Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToPage, Which:=wdGoToNext, Name:=(Int (ActiveDocument .Content .Information(wdActiveEndAdjustedPageNumber) * Rnd() + 1))
With Selection.Find
.Text = ""
.Replacement.Text = ""
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = False
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
End Sub

"Ashamed of myself...

...I canceled that interview and committed to focusing on my Circle of Influence for just ninety days" [Living The 7 Habits]

"I try to have a personal ...

... connection with each member of mf family every day." -- Doug Conant

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

LCD relief: incandescent bulb

Hi Michael -- Would you add this comment to your LCD Discomfort page
-- I have found some relief by shining an incandescent bulb on my LCD.
I don't know if (1) the bulb "softens" the frequency of the
fluorescent backlight, or (2) the heat from the bulb soothes my eyes
(it's a bit near my face).

CRTs really kill me -- after 10 minutes, my neck feels swollen and I
space out. LCDs are much better, but they still give me a vague
head-squeezed, eyes-squeezed feeling after 45 minutes.

Your theory about the brain being affected by ultra-high frequencies
-- here's some evidence that supports it -- a CRT at 60 Hz gives me
nausea after 10 minutes, but if I up it to 100 Hz the nausea comes
after 2 minutes! Then again, at 10000 Hz (LCD), I'm more comfortable.

I found that when I listen to music while using the computer, I start
to feel nauseous after 20 minutes. Information overload, I guess.
Doesn't seem to bother me as much when I have the light bulb going

At work I moved under the skylight, and I can use the computer 2x or
3x longer before getting eyestrain. I wish I could get maximum
exposure to natural light (i.e. take a laptop outside with wireless
network access!)



Re: New e-mail address

One similarity between Refractions and Google -- they both like to
hire smart people. I noticed a few PhDs in their staff roster
(including Philip Kayal, the son of Mr. Kayal at SMUS! -- I believe he
was a Spanish teacher or math teacher).

Today I feel tired. But I also feel delighted -- someone left a
comment on my blog today, which brings the grand total to 2!

How are you feeling at this very moment?


What separates humans from animals

self-awareness, imagination, conscience, independent will [Covey]

"If you think that training and education cost a lot ...

... try ignorance" -- Anon

"The willingness to apologize, ...

... the willingness to sincerely listen, the willingness to courageously express, the willingness to creatively explore new options." -- Stephen Covey

"Emotional maturity is...

...the capacity to express your feelings and convictions with courage, balanced with consnderation for the feelings and convictions of others without being personally threatened in those expressions. This kind of emotional maturity cannot be faked because of the third element of the definition." -- Rhand Saxenian

stop work 6:31


#This Groovy script expands a specification file (DataConversion.txt)
#into a PL/SQL stored procedure. [Jon Aquino 2004-06-08]


print "/* This code was generated by DataConversion.groovy [Jon Aquino] */\n"
keywordToExpanderMap = [
"table" : {print "Copy table ${it[0]} to ${it[1]}\n"},
"field" : {print " ${it[0]} => ${it[1]}\n"}
new File("DataConversion.txt").eachLine { line |
parameters = line.tokenize(":")[1].tokenize(",")
parameters = parameters.collect { parameter | parameter.trim() }

begin some work at home 4:43

to journal

hold on / hang on

Radation Experiments

* stick my head in front of my home LCD screen for 20 mins with my eyes closed
* look at a fluorescent light for 20 minutes
* look at a black screen for 20 minutes
* look at a white screen for 20 minutes
* older computer, 20 minutes
* window behind, 20 minutes
* in the dark, 20 minutes

Monday, June 07, 2004

"Whenever I become aware...

...of someone joining the company, leaving the company, or changing jobs within the company, I try to get off a personal note acknowledging their contributions in some way" -- Doug Conant

typo: Cerebrak

Living The 7 Habits

Hi Alan -- The book is called "Living The 7 Habits". I'd be willing to
lend it to you in a few weeks, as it may be out of print.


Overhead natural light...

...really helps my eyes.

todo: get back in touch with Georgi, Russ, Duane ...

Digital Photography Composition Tips

Sunday, June 06, 2004

"'What is the truth?'

... or rather, 'Who is the truth?' ... The truth is Jesus Christ, come into the world to reveal to us and surrender to us the love of the Father." -- Pope John Paul II

Simply Accounting 2004 Pro Bi-Lingual (Full Product) (ACCPAC-10271U180C00) - PC | Product Finder


Someone buy this for me!

[scoop] Caching Problems

Msgr s Sun Homily

consecrated, missioned

Son => (Word, Eucharist)

* personal, equal, distinct

"But within five minutes, I'm... that chair going through my relax/detox ritual" [Living The 7 Habits]

More violin ideas

Meditation on ...; library song

"The person's origin and destiny ...

-- created by God and redeemed by Christ" -- Pope John Paul II

todo: learn the strum pattern...

...from the Covey mission builder website music

Msgr Michael's homily

sign of the cross => our marking in the name of the Trinity

we are missioned => peace, conscious: created by God, redeemed by Christ

Trinity => lesson in community => personal, equal, yet distinct

Father => creating
Son => obeying
Spirit => healing

task: show the world the love of God

contemplation, wisdom


Rachel Lampa: I'm All Yours

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Relient K: Getting Into You

Goodness, there's lots of Christian alternative bands I like.

Kanon: Taste And See

Another decent Christian alternative band

Another thing to do while walking

Think about ways to sharpen the saw

Pillar: Further From Myself

Decent Christian rock

Intriguing musical style

Enigma - choral overlaid on beat

Good song for Wm Hd

You are the voice

fix flashcards

spellbound, stimulation

Violin idea: Jesus of Nazareth soundtrack theme

Violin arrangement of Barber's Agnus Dei

D2 A2b
A1 E1b
A4 E2 E1 A3

Work done on Postpone/Restore warning

start: 11:17
stop: 13:22

* Restore Warning
* Restore All Warnings
* rename WarningDismissalList
* find tool: skip postponed warnings

The walk home...

... is a good time for brainstorming.

Check out: Wired - the changing face of email goes plogging (GeekNews)
keypad matrix (Tom's Hardware)

Music ideas

Barber, guit instrumental

Ideas for the uDig experience

* Start by double-clicking a file. uDig figures out format automatically. Mom doesn't even know what uDig is -- she just double-clicks.
* Will uDig pass the Mom test?
* jEdit-style plugin Manager. But don't call them plugins!
* basic editing using printer and scanner/digicam
* intermediate editing toollessly
* virtually unlimited undo/redo.
* If my mom can figure out how to use uDig, without training or manuals, I'll be convinced of its excellent usability.
* She notices some words in the corner: "Press the Ctrl key to make changes to the map".

Sharpen my musical saw by...

...listening to Praise 106.5 when I walk home

Superwaba: Chris Catanzaro

SuperWaba : The Real Power of Mobile Computing

Friday, June 04, 2004


Fwd: [udig-devel] UDIG Requirements Document is up

If my mom can figure out how to use uDig, without training or manuals,
I will be very impressed with its usability.

7:20 PM - Mom gets an e-mail from my brother containing a shapefile
showing the lots around his home. She double-clicks it and uDig opens
it, automatically figuring out the format. Mom's viewing the shapefile
-- she doesn't even know what uDig is.

7:25 PM - Mom wants to draw a new lot, but she doesn't like drawing on
the screen with a mouse. So she prints out the map, uses a pencil to
draw a rectangle on the printout, then gets me to scan the new map
back in (or use a digital camera). uDig turns her drawing into a new

7:55 PM - Mom wants to make some adjustments to the polygon, so she
drags the polygon over a bit, drags an edge of the polygon a little to
the left, and drags the corner of the polygon up a bit. No selection,
no tools, no modes -- direct interaction.

8:10 PM - My brother calls and tells Mom that he's made an "Add-On"
for the map program. He instructs Mom to click Add > Dave's Add-On.
She does so, and the lots get colour-themed. No downloading, no
unzipping, no restarting (uDig gets a list of new Add-Ons from a
repository on the internet).

8:20 PM - Mom powers off the computer without hitting the X button on
uDig. No problem -- next time she uses uDig, she'll see her changes
intact. And even at a future date, she'll be able to undo her changes.

> "uDig ... will ... make viewing, editing, and printing data ... simple
> for ordinary computer users." [uDig Requirements]

Order of Music for Sunday

Hi Raf -- how's this for an order for Sunday?

421 O God Almighty Father
554 How Great Thou Art
576 You Are The Voice (I'll probably not sing the repeat at the end,
as it's not in the pew books -- how about if you play it without me?)
17 Glory And Praise (including verse 4 possibly)


Sacred Heart Music


555 Holy God
421 O God Almighty Father
272 We Thank You Father - fingerpick Capo 5, strum refrain end
17 Glory and Praise

to do w Dale

Bring my LCD over and read up on political parties

RoadMatcher issues

* AutoAdjust might not be doing minimum-line-segment-length check

Brute-force method of finding all permutations of five characters

Set permutations = new HashSet();
for (int i = 10000; i < 99999; i++) {
Set characters = new HashSet(Arrays .asList((i+"") .split("")));
characters .removeAll( Arrays .asList(("06789") .split("")));
if (characters .size() == 5) { permutations .add(i+""); }

BeanShell for JUMP search-and-replace

for (feature : wc .layerManager .getLayer("SidneyParcels") .featureCollectionWrapper .features) { feature .setAttribute("FCODE", feature .getAttribute("FCODE") .trim()); }

for (feature : wc .layerManager .getLayer("SidneyParcels") .featureCollectionWrapper .features) { feature .setAttribute("FCODE", feature .getAttribute("FCODE") .substring(0,4)); }

Dogpile Search Engine Toolbar Wins PC Magazine Editors Choice Award

Refers to other recent "best of the web" awards

Omniscient Debugger Features

Debugging backwards in time

Visualizing Garbage Collection

Omniscient Debugging

Thursday, June 03, 2004

What's TechTV all about?

interesting typo: /66 for ^^

by Ji-Hwan

minutes SVDP

Chair: Maureen
• Large baby bottles available for anyone who needs them
• Thanks to Lois and Tilly for serving coffee
• Elizabeth: $100 donated to member in need
• Tilly: 29 visits in April
• Particular Council asks what conferences think about leaving tax receipts for pickup at front of church, to save money. The group agrees
• PC asks what conferences think about $240 contribution to National.
• Grants awarded to SVDP: $43K for milk program, $48K for food program
• Larry: new milk program policy -- give extra voucher, marked for dairy products. Diaper program no longer in effect.
• Larry asks the group to consider whether to cut off long-term (5-year) clients so that we can support new clients.
• Larry: new database
• Questions about Christmas program: no funding this year for gifts -- just food. Do we want to give gifts this year?
• Tilly: Alex asks that reports be submitted each month.
• Mike Kinch plans to join the conference in the fall

BeanShell script to reset the Manually Adjusted flags

for (feature : wc .layerManage .getLayer("Source TRIM") .featureCollectionWrapper .features) { feature .roadSegment .manuallyAdjusted = false; }

BeanShell script to assign an attribute to the selected features

for (feature : wc .layerViewPanel .selectionManager .featuresWithSelectedItems) { feature.setAttribute("FCODE", "Private"); }

BeanShell script to get the WMS URL that JUMP is using

print(wc .getLayerManager() .getLayerables( com.vividsolutions.jump.workbench.model.WMSLayer.class) .iterator() .next() .createRequest(wc .getLayerViewPanel()) .getURL());

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Gimpsy - Active Sites for Active People

What programming font do you use?

I'm grateful that my IDE (Eclipse) lets me use proportional
fonts -- they can add to the fun of programming (screenshot1,
screenshot2). I'm curious -- what interesting fonts do
other people use for programming?

Programming font to try


Music for June/July

Hi Raf -- I've picked some music for June FYI --

June 6
421 O God Almighty Father
17 Glory and Praise to our God
(576 You are the voice - your selection)
(554 How great thou art - your selection)

June 13
426 Alleluia Sing To Jesus
187 City of God

June 20
578 All People That On Earth Do Dwell
55 Though The Mountains May Fall


BeanShell script to fill in a JUMP column

import com.vividsolutions.jump.util.*;

map = CollectionUtil.createMap(new String[]{"DA24900010", "Road", "DA24900020", "Road", "DE22800000", "Rail Line", "FA02650000", "Boundary", "FA02700000", "Boundary", "GA24850000", "River/Stream", "GB15300000", "Lake", "GE14850000", "Island", "GG05800000", "Coastline"});

for (feature : layer.featureCollectionWrapper.features) {
feature.setAttribute("FCODE2", map{feature.getAttribute("FCODE")});


Eclipse's CVS Synchronize button... better named "Compare" or "Synchronize Comparisons" or "Refresh Comparisons". "Synchronize" sounds like it's doing an update/commit pair.

Mention on Slashdot...

...the proportional fonts I like to program with.

Screenshot: Eclipse (thank goodness it allows proportional fonts) with Advanced Colouring, JesseScript

What font do you use for programming?

JesseScript, Eclipse: SWT - allows proportional; advanced colouring

Great programming fonts

(they need to be big enough for antialiasing to kick in though)
Arial Narrow
Garamond (italic too)
Tahoma, Trebuchet, Verdana

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Music Suggestions for June 13

Hi Bruce -- here are some song suggestions from various sources, FYI.
How about if you pick one to play for June 13 at William Head? Or if
you'd like to do another song, let me know. --Jon

=== From "The Prairie Messenger", which our church subscribes to:

Alleluia Sing To Jesus, CBW 426
As We Gather At Your Table, CBW 583
Sent Forth By God's Blessing, CBW 533

=== From

(Couldn't find anything I liked)

=== From

I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord, CBW 424

It's more like Internet fishing than Internet surfing

Comment by Gary. I was intrigued.

Idea for Elena

He shall feed his flock

Literature on eyestrain and visual discomfort

Really interesting posts on LCD fluorescent backlighting

to do: check out Tufte's sparklines

To do w Mom and Dave

Have a picnic

Well the Windows Standard colour scheme seems better on my eyes than High Contrast; also, keeping the screen closer seems better than further

cool word: IdeaTree