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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Re: firefox query

Alfonso, there are some interesting tweaks you can do with Firefox,
but perhaps the coolest is Find As You Type. Type "about:config" in
the address bar, then set "accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly" to
true. To find something, JUST START TYPING! Never need to open the
Find dialog again!

Another thing is that you can configure the address-bar search. To
make it Google (like MyIE2), go to about:config and change keyword.url

There are also a number of things from MyIE2 that I miss -- I'll need
to report this to the FireFox people sometime:

* If there are spaces in the address bar, just treat it as a URL
search -- don't throw up a chrome:// error
* If you must report an error, fine, but don't replace the address bar
contents with chrome:// blah blah blah -- just leave the url alone
because I'm going to fix what I typed
* Indicate which tabs have been visited -- put a little icon, or gray
the text or something


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