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Thursday, June 03, 2004

minutes SVDP

Chair: Maureen
• Large baby bottles available for anyone who needs them
• Thanks to Lois and Tilly for serving coffee
• Elizabeth: $100 donated to member in need
• Tilly: 29 visits in April
• Particular Council asks what conferences think about leaving tax receipts for pickup at front of church, to save money. The group agrees
• PC asks what conferences think about $240 contribution to National.
• Grants awarded to SVDP: $43K for milk program, $48K for food program
• Larry: new milk program policy -- give extra voucher, marked for dairy products. Diaper program no longer in effect.
• Larry asks the group to consider whether to cut off long-term (5-year) clients so that we can support new clients.
• Larry: new database
• Questions about Christmas program: no funding this year for gifts -- just food. Do we want to give gifts this year?
• Tilly: Alex asks that reports be submitted each month.
• Mike Kinch plans to join the conference in the fall


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