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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

LCD relief: incandescent bulb

Hi Michael -- Would you add this comment to your LCD Discomfort page
-- I have found some relief by shining an incandescent bulb on my LCD.
I don't know if (1) the bulb "softens" the frequency of the
fluorescent backlight, or (2) the heat from the bulb soothes my eyes
(it's a bit near my face).

CRTs really kill me -- after 10 minutes, my neck feels swollen and I
space out. LCDs are much better, but they still give me a vague
head-squeezed, eyes-squeezed feeling after 45 minutes.

Your theory about the brain being affected by ultra-high frequencies
-- here's some evidence that supports it -- a CRT at 60 Hz gives me
nausea after 10 minutes, but if I up it to 100 Hz the nausea comes
after 2 minutes! Then again, at 10000 Hz (LCD), I'm more comfortable.

I found that when I listen to music while using the computer, I start
to feel nauseous after 20 minutes. Information overload, I guess.
Doesn't seem to bother me as much when I have the light bulb going

At work I moved under the skylight, and I can use the computer 2x or
3x longer before getting eyestrain. I wish I could get maximum
exposure to natural light (i.e. take a laptop outside with wireless
network access!)




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