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Monday, January 30, 2017

Hacker News favourite categories

It can be instructive and fun to figure out what your interests are by looking at what kind of Hacker News articles you link.

I am going to tabulate my interests here - try the same if you like.

  • 2 - Work: How to make it better
  • 3 - Work: How to make it worse
  • 1 - Improvements to software engineering 
  • 13 - Promising new coding practices or tools
  • 4 - Product successes
  • 13 - Product failures
  • 3 - Promising new technology
  • 3 - Retro tech
  • 4 - Low tech
  • 4 - Personal self-improvement

Pressure-mounted baby gate comparison

After spending way too many hours on researching this topic, I have come to the conclusion that when looking for a pressure-mounted baby gate, you have the following options:

Price Example Comfortably wide door Latch is easy to open Gate auto-closes behind you
$40 Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru      
$60 Evenflo Easy Walk-Through Yes    
$80 Brica/Munchkin Wood & Steel Designer Yes Yes  
$100 Munchkin Auto Close Designer Yes Yes Yes