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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bloglines Shuffler: A New Way To Read Your Feeds

I have written a simple web application called the Bloglines Shuffler, which presents a shuffled view of the unread items in your Bloglines feeds. It does not mark your items as read, so it is completely safe to try.

Update: I have made a better web application called Bloglines Splicer -- better because it does not favour feeds with more unread items; rather, it treats all feeds equally. Check it out!

Why shuffle my feeds? If you use an RSS reader like Bloglines to track dozens or hundreds of feeds, you probably come home to hundreds (or thousands) of unread items each night. The hours you spend catching up on your feeds may be taking valuable time away from your family and important personal projects. You may have thought about setting a time limit, but doing so would mean that certain important feeds would almost never get checked. By shuffling the unread items, you have a statistically unbiased way to read as many items as you can, within whatever time limit you have set for yourself.

Try the Bloglines Shuffler

Read the eruby source code

To Dos:
  • Add "Unsubscribe" links for each feed
  • Add "Mark All As Read" button


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