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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jon's Free (but Painful) Method for Making Podcasts for Free

1. Sign up for a free Blogger blog (this gets you your RSS feed).
2. Sign up for a free FeedBurner account (this turns your RSS feed into a Podcast feed)
3. Sign up for a free Internet Archive account (they'll host your podcast mp3's for free, forever, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, provided you license it under the Creative Commons).
4. Record your MP3 (e.g. on your Pocket PC)
5. FTP it to the Internet Archive
6. Wait impatiently for 24 hours while the Internet Archive processes your MP3
7. Post a link to your MP3 on your blog. And you're done!

Somebody make this process easier!

I love Step 3 - free podcast hosting!


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