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Thursday, February 03, 2005

My favourite interests

"If you could talk about something with someone all day long, day after day, what would that subject or field of interest be?"

I wanted some right-brain way to trick my left-brain into sleeping so that I could properly answer the above question about what my favourite interests are. Then it struck me: my favourite interests are probably what I'm reading daily in my RSS reader.

Therefore, my favourite interests are:
  • free software and web services (, Slashdot, CNet, Jeremy Zawodny's Blog, Jesse Ruderman, Jon's Radio, Robin Good's Latest News, Russell Beattie Notebook, Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger)
  • time/space/life management (GTD forums, Julie Morgenstern, Stephen Covey, 43 Folders, Working Smart)
  • mobile technology (Aximsite forums, jkOnTheRun, Pocket PC Addict, Pocket PC Magazine, Pocket PC Thoughts,, Trusted Reviews)
  • board games (Skyhaven, BoardGameGeek - currently my interest in board games is low, however)
  • Catholicism, Christianity, spirituality (; finally found an interesting Catholic author: Matthew Kelly)
  • computer programming (Vasanth Dharmaraj, Erik's Linkblog, James Strachan's Weblog, Joel on Software, Cedric's Weblog, Scratch Where It's Itching)
  • graphic design (Stylegala, Image*After)


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