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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Flickr as workaround while Blogger's post-by-email is not working

I noticed that Blogger's post-by-email stopped working on January 27, 2005. When I try to use it, I don't get any error emails back; the emails simply do not show up on my blog. This really sucks.

Fortunately, there is a workaround. Flickr offers free post-by-email to several blogging services, including Blogger. Normally you attach an image file that gets posted to your blog also. But what if you just want to post a blog entry without a picture? My solution is simply to include a tiny picture, such as a 1-pixel jpg. If you do not include a picture, the post will fail. And if you use a large picture, you will reach your Flickr 10-MB/month quota pretty quickly (plus it would be pretty boring to see the same picture on your blog repeated over and over).

You might ask, "Why post-by-email to your blog anyway? Why not just submit a blog post via the web?" Well I'm often away from my computer and away from WiFi hotspots, so the easiest way for me to enter a blog post on my PDA is to write an email. It will be sent the next time I sync my PDA to my computer or connect to a hotspot. The important thing is that the idea gets captured immediately after it occurs, with no risk of being forgotten.


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