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Saturday, January 15, 2005

TextMaker alternative: HTML

PocketWord is very limited, missing 90% of the functionality of Microsoft Word (tables, styles, etc.)

TextMaker has almost all of the features of Microsoft Word, but it also has a hefty $50 price tag.

Here's how you can get all of the power of TextMaker, for free: use HTML. You can use any text editor (or even Notes). And the beauty of HTML is that you can open it in Microsoft Word.

Here's HTML that Word recognizes as a paragraph style called Blah:

HTML Code:

<p style="Blah">Once upon a time in a nursery rhyme, there were
three bears</p>

Below Microsoft Word would recognize "nursery rhyme" as having a character style called "BigAndBad":

HTML Code:

Once upon a time in a <span style="BigAndBad">nursery rhyme</span>,
there were three bears

And here's how you'd make a table:

HTML Code:




So for those of us who don't want to or cannot afford to shell out $50 on TextMaker, there is an alternative for creating complex documents that are compatible with Microsoft Word.


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