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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Outline for teaching rules for Aladdin's Dragons

Based on Lanza's "The Finer Points of Teaching Rules" -


  • what you do on your turn: bid for treasures, which you use to buy artifacts
  • the scoring: person with the most artifacts wins

OVERVIEW (core rules, mechanics, chronology, game end)
  • put a token on the board, face-down
  • continue until all tokens down
  • treasures
  • artifacts
  • special powers
  • 5-6 rounds typically
  • game end: last artifact taken

DETAILS (show, don't just tell! walk through turn order. flesh out the rules, demonstrate the use of the components, illustrate how points are scored, and cover the specifics that cause the game to end)
  • treasures: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • special powers
  • palace guard: paying the difference
  • artifacts: 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place. How to pay.
*** Note: most artifacts wins, not most treasures ***

  • the artifacts (once per round)
  • the magic cards (any number per round, using lamp)
  • can't use cards in palace guard. can use artifacts.

  • focus on treasures in the beginning, artifacts at the end. But if anything's cheap, grab it!
  • 2-artefact power not useful in first round
  • duplicate artefacts - not a bad thing (points)
  • camel: breaks ties e.g. small tokens in palace, simultaneous spells/artifacts
  • playing a 1 or 2 token in palace sometimes works (opponent fails to pay for large tokens)
  • bidding on fewer spaces is often better than spreading yourself thin
  • try bluffing with several small tokens
  • even if you have the Key, try putting a small token in the palace guard - you may not need the key
  • Flying Carpet and Double in palace increase number and kind of treasures required


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