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Friday, November 26, 2004 - Free AutoGenerated MemoPad List of Installed Apps/Hacks: "SoftTrack: (with screenshot)
PalmGear's gift to the community. 2 options. One list in MemoPad, or individual note per app with lines for reg code, etc. I prefer this one because the all-in-one listing is much better formatted-- one numbered app per line. You can also elect to exclude the built-in core apps from the listing. Note per line in parentheses to distinguish app from hack. {Lots of other stuff you can add, but I found it tiring to change all the defaults, so I just update the basic list as dictated by installs.}

MyPalm: (with screenshots)
Two lists in the same memo. First = '# of apps installed', followed by the app names, separated by comma. Second does the same, for hacks. Sample lists (with handy Google box to permit further investigation if an app name intrigues you) -- sloooww page load:"


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