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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Email is the clipboard of the Google OS

Email is the glue of the internet, the clipboard of the Google OS. It's the means by which you can easily move information from one web app to another. For example, using email I can spray text and pictures to (1) my blog (2) my friends' email accounts (3) mailing-lists (4) Usenet groups. And using email I can monitor webpages without RSS feeds.

I wish more web apps would let me interface with them via email.
I wish Blogger's post-by-email would let me post pictures (oh well, I'll use Flickr/Hello for now).
I wish would use my normal email account instead of their built-in messaging system.
Ditto for, where I check my bills.
I wish bulletin boards like the Getting Things Done forums would let me post by email.
I wish . . .


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