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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Organizing my drawers


What's working?
  • having a separate staionery tray at my desk, separate from the drawers, for frequently-used stationery
What's not working?
  • the drawers are inconveniently far from my desk
  • the drawer for papers is too full
  • most drawers don't have a single purpose/category
  • sometimes I can't find the pen or staple-remover or thing I need in the stationery-drawer "dumping ground"
  • the "media drawer" (disks, tapes, CDs) is a messy pile
  • the "electronic doo-dads" drawer is a tangled mess of wires
  • I can't open the "sentimental treasures" drawer -- it is crammed with papers and they are jutting into the roof of the drawer
What items are most important to me?
  • paper supply
  • stationery
  • electronics media and supplies
Why do I want to organize my drawers?
  • to exercise my self-discipline
  • to bring order into my environment
  • to be able to find what I need quickly
What's causing the problems?
  • many items have no proper home


Label each drawer (on the inside). Compartmentalize each drawer with containers.

Zone 1: Stationery and paper supplies. First column of drawers. Top drawer for stationery, other two for paper.

Zone 2: Electronic media and supplies. Second and third columns of drawers. Separate drawers or containers for: cables, adapters, doo-dads, cassettes, guitar equipment and supplies, electronic devices

Time estimate: 4 hours


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