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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Outline of Julie Morgenstein's "Organizing From The Inside Out"

What's working? Save yourself effort by leaving what works.
What's not? Whine! Be comprehensive.
What items are most essential? Big-picture goals. What would you save from a fire?
Why do you want to organize? Pull out this list when you don't feel like organizing.
What's causing the problems?
Technical errors e.g. things don't have a home; things are inconveniently located
External realities e.g. career change
Psychological obstacles e.g. sentimental attachment, perfectionism

Strategize (1 hour)
Kindergarten model: activity zones and fun homes for things
Define zones (3-5 per room)
Choose zone locations
Move furniture
Estimate time (usually 2 days per room)

Sort: do what's visible first; don't purge yet
Assign homes for stuff
Containerize: aesthetics, manageability, size. Label containers
Equalize: daily cleanup; periodic tune-ups


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