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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Old Joel on Software Forum - What makes work fun? Or making work a fun game

Work is about survival. Play is about fun. It's cool when they overlap.

Stick a bunch of people on a world. They've got to do stuff to make
sure they survive. This "stuff" is work. Once things are going well,
they'll have time to do stuff they want to do. This is "play".

So the difference between work and play is the purpose of the
activity. Some activities satisfy only one purpose: work. Some
activities satisfy only the other purpose: play. And some activities
satisfy both purposes: work and play.

We really need to rename both terms. Well, "play" can stay. But let's
stop saying "work" and instead say "survival-activitying". Or I guess
we could say "contributing to society".


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