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Friday, April 09, 2004

The day:
* good chat with Mom on how to pray. She suggests novenas. Today is Day 1, and I am praying for healing for Wil
* dinner with Ji-Hwan and Mom: Nong Shin noodles, and a delicious dish of scrambled eggs and hash browns
* Review PC World's article on the Top 100 Websites
* rehearse Easter Vigil music with Rocio
* Good Friday service. Moving violin piece: When I Survey.
* Stressed out as I quickly practice for the Good Friday service
* delighted with the result of Windows XP's ClearType
* thrilled to get jEdit's SuperScript plug-in working with Groovy. Post to mailing list: improvements to instructions.
* review today's Slashdot articles
* Wake up after 7 hours of sleep -- regret not going to bed an hour earlier


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