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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Some poems by one of Ji-Hwan's favourite poets, translated from Korean to English courtesy of BabelFish:


When as you under loving the hungry person it will be meeting
initially in this world from, inside mind it catches alive all and it
wants staying but in order for to do from the life inside which is not
the possibility of staying the possibility of pleasing it is it loves
you me, it is good

It will increase it waits and it holds and in the breast inside
tedious the person and the person whose also width U is good in inside
width is a person whom only one person log like life it loves the
thing is the day when it is happy

It thinks no matter how and also it thinks and the eye it winds
and and it thinks and and and the eye it floats and and and to think,
it tries it loves you it is good

As you under loving there will be a hungry person to this


Passes over the yearning Iran bookcase which will increase and the
people who rise

It does not love and not to be there is not it does not search
it does not come and and and what kind of promise and the people where
to make occasionally in thought inside and and smile it does not do

From childhood the people like that people whose life life Hoon
Hoon one sentiment is full until now nearly from far always

It does not meet certainly and the good person rises and the

Only the small cymbal it sees and at one fruit which grows the
same people


The day impression which meets you the truth was good

Good eye color, It does and the laugh one joint, There is warm care even on end of one joint,

During short time together it is but like the friend whom it
associates long the mind did not do the side

It grants well with the face which laughs the ends which I do
what kind of rule or the honor outfit without

It was and it was frank it shows like that the wall hundred box
was good truly

Only you reading an inside mind it is same

Only the bird which loses the nest searching the new nest it
was same

It was short and it meets but and it was joyful

It met the person who wants fixing a mind together in only five

It was happier receiving a rose flower one cluster than in the
person whom it loves as

You together will be and is the person who is better recording


You eye color it learned and met and to come to be familiar recently
with each other together is and side overlook became the person who is

It is lonely, It is lonely, From as cold as ice this distance B, When you bay it is always it is not lonely

With you together it is and it gets wet in inside mind and you
fragrance which holds inside mind is warm with with fragrance

Staying in only you breast it believes to cuddle in only the
breast inside you and it wants

You meets and when together it is and to good person our free
Rob when to peaceful Rob it is and all poems lum with the anxiety

You blame u ni where Ron wants leaving the boat of our love
together is and is the person


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