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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

What to say during 1:1s

My old manager challenged me to do 1:1s with all 22 engineers in my business unit (RollWorks), and out of that came the following three topics that I would enjoy sharing in any 1:1, whether with someone above me or someone below me.

  1. Anything fun done recently or any hobbies. For them and for you. This helps to connect on a personal level, which is always good.
  2. Main worries or priorities (or what is currently being worked on). For them and for you. It's good to know someone's top concerns or what they are working on.
  3. Anything learned recently or new tools. For them and for you. It's fun to share something you learned recently.
I'm going to try this with 1:1s with my manager.


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