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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Database of Poets

Here is a zipfile containing Wikipedia articles for the 222 poets in the Norton Anthology of Poetry, 3rd (and best) edition.

If you're handy with the command line, you can mine it for interesting information, like Harvard poets, Catholic poets, poets who became insaneā€¦

$ find . | xargs grep --max-count=1 --ignore-case insanity

./Ezra_Pound.txt: Pound's [409]insanity plea and incarceration at St. Elizabeths Hospital
./Herman_Melville.txt: plagued by rumors of his alcoholism and insanity and allegations that
./John_Clare.txt: the insanity preceded by any severe or long-continued mental emotion or
./John_Keats.txt: of insanity is, of course, ten times more afflicting. It is with
./Jonathan_Swift.txt: Travels as proof of Swift's approaching "insanity".
./Samuel_Johnson.txt: actual insanity".^[509][211] To overcome these feelings, Johnson tried
./Samuel_Taylor_Coleridge.txt: under the reason of "insanity" and he was readmitted to Jesus College,
./William_Collins.txt: of intemperance, and after fits of melancholy, deepening into insanity,
./William_Cowper.txt: experienced a period of [49]insanity. At this time he tried three times


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