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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nice UI design: jEdit search dialog

I love the power of the search dialog on jEdit (a free text editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux):

jEdit search dialog

  • The same dialog is used for both search and search-and-replace. So if you start off searching, you can change your mind and do search-and-replace instead. Or vice versa.
  • You can put regular expressions in the search and replace fields.
  • You can get a single list of all of the search results, if you want ("HyperSearch")
  • You can access previous values in the search and replace fields by pressing Page Up.
  • You can search-and-replace an entire directory tree, from this same dialog. I just did this now on a directory tree containing nearly 3000 php files.
  • You can put an arbitrary Java expression ("BeanShell") in the replace field. This can be pretty powerful.

Note though that jEdit needs some special configuration to get it to behave more Mac-like on OS X. I will write up instructions for that in a future blog post.


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