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Friday, May 14, 2010

How to put Safari in your Dashboard

I had a surprisingly hard time figuring out how to put a web browser in my Mac dashboard. It turns out that it is possible.

1. Install the Safari Light dashboard widget. It's not available anymore for some reason, but you can grab a copy from the Wayback Machine.

2. On the dashboard, Safari Light will ask you for a URL to go to. A good choice is . This will put a text field at the bottom of the page. You can enter URLs or Yubnub commands into this text field; for example: (to go to Google), gim porsche (to do an image search for porsches), or even xe -amount 1 -from CDN -to USD (to convert $1 from CDN to USD).


The source code for this Dashboard widget looks pretty simple, so it'd probably be easy to tweak.

And there you have it – a heads-up display for Safari. If you're into heads-up displays, also check out the Visor hack for Terminal.


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