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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Improving the Fitaly keyboard layout by adding common punctuation

Of the different Windows Mobile on-screen keyboards, Resco Keyboard is one of my favorites because you can customize it: changing the shapes of the keys, moving them around, and changing the look:

Resco Keyboard

I also like the Fitaly keyboard. The placement of the keys is brilliant. It really minimizes the travel distance when typing with a stylus. But an annoying thing is that common punctuation is not on the main screen; they’re hidden away in a secondary screen (for example, $, @, and "):


So I spent an enjoyable evening customizing Resco to re-create the Fitaly keyboard, but redesigning it to include all punctuation available on a standard keyboard:

Resco Keyboard used to re-create Fitaly

The customizability of Resco Keyboard is great. Someone should try porting the IBM Shark layout to it.


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