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Monday, August 17, 2009

New daily schedule

I was looking all forward to getting into this new, intense nightly routine


I failed today. It’s 11:50pm and I haven’t done any of the things I had scheduled for the evening. Boo.

Will try again tomorrow!

9:00am Pray, Shower, Breakfast
9:30am Work
. . . . . . . . . .
6:00pm Code reviews, unscheduled work
7:00pm Philosophy / Comp Sci
8:00pm Internet / Tasks
9:00pm Literature
10:00pm Exercise
10:15pm Divine Office, Meditation
11:15pm Snack with Mom / Tasks
11:45pm Calligraphy
12:00am Brush teeth
12:10am Night prayer
12:20am Read
1:00am Sleep

Do you have an intense nightly routine, or do you like to keep it mellow?


  • Such a coincidence that I read 2 blog posts about daily schedule on the same reading bunch, yours and this one commenting on Benjamin Franklin's

    Makes me realize I need a better one, or simply having one would suffice :)

    By Blogger Fabricio, at 8/18/2009 12:04 p.m.  

  • I’d be curious to see your schedule if you make one, Fabricio!

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 8/18/2009 10:40 p.m.  

  • tough scheduling Jon!

    this is my nightly schedule:
    17:30 Walk\Play with my son
    18:15 Running
    19:00 Shower
    19:05 Dinner with my wife and my son
    19:30 Family stuff
    21.30 Milk and Night night to my son
    21.40 Xbmc with Documentaries\Movies\Tvseries
    23.30 Book reading
    24.00 Sleeping

    you need to excercise more than your academic 15minutes ;)


    By Blogger sys.out, at 8/19/2009 12:11 a.m.  

  • Great to see you doing lots of family stuff in the evenings, Michele!

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 8/19/2009 9:04 p.m.  

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