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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

[Programming] Getting to know your editor's transpose-letter, transpose-word, and transpose-line functionality

Does your text editor have transpose-letter, transpose-word, and transpose-line functionality? If so, it’s worth learning the keyboard shortcuts for them. On my editor, jEdit, I have assigned these to C-t C-tC-t C-w, and C-t C-l. On Emacs they are C-tM-tC-x C-t.

This is one of the tips in Steve Yegge's article Effective Emacs. For non-Emacs users, it’s an interesting exercise to translate the tips to your own editor. Other tips include:
  • delete previous word
  • forward/reverse incremental search
  • repeating commands n times
  • splitting/unsplitting windows
  • reapplying line wrapping to a paragraph
  • rectangle editing 


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