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Sunday, April 19, 2009

BookFinder - useful new/used-book price-comparison site (factors in shipping cost)

Thanks to a tip from IslandBookworm, I have discovered BookFinder as an excellent way to do comparison shopping for new and used books. You give it a title, author, or isbn, and it will check the prices on Amazon, AbeBooks, Alibris, Barnes and Noble, etc.

The great thing about it is that the price comparison factors in (1) shipping costs (2) destination country (3) your currency. I've used it in the past couple of days to find books at, Marketplace, AbeBooks, and In some cases I can get a book I want for under $10 *including shipping*, which is pretty good for Canada.

(Note that the cheapest way to get a copy of the 5-volume Summa Theologica is currently to buy it in paperback at Marketplace (hard-to-find link)) – $84 USD including shipping to the US, $112 CDN including shipping to Canada.)


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