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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let me take you on a quick trip to downtown Victoria

Come join me on a little Sunday evening tour of my hometown, Victoria BC. My hair's a little messed up, but don't mind that. Let's go!
Picture 1075

I hear it's sunny and warm in California. Not so in Victoria – we've got typical rainforest weather: cold, wet, and gray, just how we like it. This sidewalk will take us to our bus stop on Quadra St:
Picture 1077

The #6 bus will bring us to downtown Victoria for $1.75 CDN. Our buses are made in the UK by the Dennis company.
Picture 1078

This is one of my favorite spots on earth – St. Andrew's Cathedral in downtown Victoria. Beautiful vaulted ceilings and lots of stained glass, surprisingly mixed with elements of west coast native art.
Picture 1079

After Mass, we step outside into the cool night air. It's 6pm and most shops are closed. McDonald's is, of course, still open.
Picture 1082

In 20 minutes, our bus arrives. A handful of people, mostly students, climb onboard.
Picture 1087

And we're back where we started. A streetlamp lights our way in the dark.
Picture 1102

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