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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Timex Ironman: Not a bad watch

After my weird and underperforming Timex Rush watch died, I decided to buy a more reliable, mainstream watch. I wanted something with a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and an alarm with a finer granularity than 5 minutes. I settled on the Timex Ironman – pretty common, right? – and I quite like it.

A watch that's been around for 24 years is bound to get some things right. It shows time, date, and day of the week (the Rush annoyingly didn't have that last one). Functions like "Mode", "Start", and "Stop" are clearly printed beside their buttons (the Rush made me scroll through the functions using a less-than-responsive dial). 

picture 1037a

But what I really like about it are the helpful on-screen labels that appear beside the buttons. You never need to check the manual with this watch – when setting the time, it clearly shows you which buttons correspond to "Next" and "Done". Note the + and - signs indicating the buttons used for up and down.

Good solid watch, decent price – you can't go wrong.


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