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Friday, July 04, 2008

GridSearch - Specialized Google search for finding lists

Suppose you have a list of things you're interested in, and you want to find similar lists on the web. If you put the whole list into a Google search (like "roboform snagit jedit directory-opus autohotkey araxis"), you probably won't get any results back.

But if you conducted several searches in parallel (like "roboform snagit jedit", "jedit autohotkey roboform", "araxis directory-opus snagit", and all other 3-word combinations), you'll get back several webpages containing similar lists.

That's exactly what GridSearch does. Try it below.

GridSearch: A tool for finding similar lists on the web

Original List:
Number of Keywords in Each Combination:
Yubnub command: (g = Google, y = Yahoo, etc.)


Also see the related Yubnub command, combine.
Combinations are computed using the CombinationGenerator.php class.


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