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Sunday, June 15, 2008


The New York Times has a fascinating monthly column called Domains in which celebrities talk about where they live and what their daily routine is. If you have a blog, why not interview yourself for your own Domains piece? Just create a post titled "THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: DOMAINS: YOUR NAME", add a picture of yourself, then answer the questions from one of the Domains articles.

Morning routine: Get up at 9:00, take a shower, dial into the 9:15 conference call at Ning. For breakfast I microwave an egg and stick it in a hot dog bun with cheese and ham.
Favorite item in home: My Imak Smartgloves. They magically prevent pain in my palms.

Always in fridge: Eggs, cheese, and ham.

Most annoying thing about programming: All the passwords you have to remember. I'm using KeePass, but it's not very convenient.

Self-indulgence: Books. If it's something that will teach me a new skill, I'll get it. If it's something that people are abuzz about (like GTD or Ruby), I'll get it *now*.

Pets: There's a cat that wanders about - I think it's the neighbor's. Anyway, we keep a bag of food for him.

Obsolete item he won’t part with: Windows XP. It's got a bunch of programs that I really like, such as SnagIt, AraxisMerge, and TortoiseSVN. But maybe I will switch someday.

Favorite TV show: Father John Corapi on EWTN.

Collection: Books. Not a huge collection, but what I do have I've catalogued on LibraryThing.

Next big purchase: Replacement for my flaky Dell Axim PDA. I will be sure to get a proper case for my next one.

Keepsake: There's a heavily-scribbled-on book called Ideas And Images that I still have from kindergarten.

Obsession: I spent way too much time this weekend researching the perfect stapler. The PaperPro is tempting, but seems prone to breakage. Isaberg-Rapid seems to make well-built staplers.

As a child he wanted to be: A detective. Then a philosopher. Then a dentist.

Hobby: For the past year I've been trying to improve my handwriting. I'm using Fred Eager's "The Italic Way to Beautiful Handwriting: Cursive and Calligraphic".

Evening routine: Run the unit tests, merge the code branches. Do my Hacker's Diet exercises. Calligraphy practice for 15 minutes. Read. Rosary. Sleep at 1:00.

By his bed: Black Sigg aluminum water bottle.

Concession to age: Always write things down. Trust nothing to memory.


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