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Friday, December 21, 2007

Programming Resources: Smalltalk Tutorial, PragProg Appendix, Searching Blogger Profiles

Programming-related resources I'm checking out:
  • Squeak by Example (PDF). Book-length Smalltalk tutorial. Smalltalk is a fun, quirky, OO language/environment.
  • Pragmatic Programmer (book) Appendix A: Resources. Lists interesting programming resources: Tcl, Mozilla source code, comp.object FAQ, Z Shell, JavaSpaces, Emacs . . .
  • Joel on Software (book) It's about time to read this again.
  • Search Blogger profiles to find people interested in X and Y: . Useful for finding people for your highly specific social-networking group (like the Association of Catholic Computer Programmers). Even better, set up a Google Alert so you are notified about matching profiles.
  • Homepage Usability (book). Jakob Nielsen's critique of 50 homepages.
  • Refactoring to Patterns (book). Good synthesis of the ideas from two important books: Refactoring and Design Patterns. Can be a bit hard to read sometimes – I'm glad that examples are provided.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed (book). I'm not currently coding in .NET, but Devin mentioned to me that WPF is "Microsoft's new way of doing UI and tying it to logic and is very powerful". Hoping to glean some ideas.


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