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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The slash as an alternative to the strikeout

If you're like me, when you write, your train of thought will constantly be interrupted by various thoughts – a great line for the title, an idea you need to remember to include, etc. Where do you put these ideas? Scribble them in the margins? Or on a piece of scrap paper (if you have one nearby)?

I've started to use slashes ("/"). If you need a place to put a thought, simply introduce a slash, write that thought down, then with another slash resume where you left off.

Slashes introduce temporary parallel universes in which you can / title: "The slash as an alternative to the strikeout" / store impinging thoughts. They are incisions in the space-time fabric – and you can create several of them if needed.

They are also useful for typos. Instead of striking out the type typo, which can look ugly, you simply /bannish/ banish it to a different universe with two slashes.


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