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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Book: "Working Effectively with Legacy Code"

I'm on Chapter 7 of "Working Effectively with Legacy Code" (reading it online on O'Reilly Safari) and it seems like a useful (and entertaining) catalogue of techniques for working with ancient, untested, hard-to-understand code and making it unit-testable.

Check out these chapter titles and see if any sound relevant to what you are working on right now:

Chapter 16. I Don't Understand the Code Well Enough to Change It
Chapter 17. My Application Has No Structure
Chapter 20. This Class Is Too Big and I Don't Want It to Get Any Bigger
Chapter 21. I'm Changing the Same Code All Over the Place
Chapter 22. I Need to Change a Monster Method and I Can't Write Tests for It
Chapter 23. How Do I Know That I'm Not Breaking Anything?


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