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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trying out some adjustments to my daily routine

On the recommendation of my colleague Phil McCluskey, I am working through Julia Cameron's book on creativity, Vein of Gold. It has prompted me to make some changes to my schedule:
  • 7am - "Morning Pages" - 3 pages of writing whatever (stream-of-consciousness)
  • 8am - Walking ("Think about what you'd like more of, what you'd like less of, what would make you happier, which things make you glad.")
  • 9am - Work
  • ..........
  • ..........
  • Evening - feeds, correspondence, errands, books on personal development or related to my profession
  • 10:30pm - Prayer, reading of scripture
The three basic tools for creativity that Cameron recommends are: Morning Pages, daily walks ("seeking the muse"), and weekly "Artist Dates" (new experiences - watching a vintage film or attending an unusual lecture).


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