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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Switching to IE7 for the moment - Firefox too slow

Man I don't know what's up with Firefox. It's slow as molasses. Maybe it's one of the many extensions I've installed that's slowing it down.

Anyway, picking up on a tip Yoz mentioned on Twitter, I'm using IE7 now and it is super-fast in comparison - like *instant*. Anyway, going to try it as my default browser for a while to see how it goes.


  • *claps hands over eyes*

    Have you tried disabling half your extensions for a day; then the other half?
    With the slowest set; repeat until you find the bloaty slowness.

    By Blogger Dan, at 12/22/2006 1:19 a.m.  

  • Hi CloCkWeRX - heh - at first I thought your post was going to say *claps hands*.

    I dunno - I'm starting to get addicted - pages load in the blink of an eye for me now ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 12/22/2006 9:17 a.m.  

  • I just went the opposite way from IE 7 to FF 2.0. There seems to be a lot of conflicting views on the web, with some saying FF is slow (you), others (myself) say IE is slower. Must be a system by system thing...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/22/2006 9:47 a.m.  

  • In my experience of Firefox crashes and slowness, it is ALWAYS an extension that is the culprit (I remember when SwitchProxy was looking up a website that was down all the time - Firefox didn't like that).

    How is IE7 speed vs extensionless Firefox, with everything else kept the same?

    (There are also ethical considerations here. Don't let them back in!)

    By Blogger Thomas David Baker, at 12/22/2006 10:02 a.m.  

  • NO-O-O-o-o-o-.-.-.

    There's a similar reason why not to take amphetamines or caffeine pills.


    By Blogger Sean O'Hagan, at 12/22/2006 12:02 p.m.  

  • @tim - hm! Well I'm glad FF is fast for you!

    @bakert - yeah, I should try taking all the extensions out (good excuse to upgrade to FF2). But man oh man. The speed is heaven.

    @sean - heh - yes, maybe there is value in slowing down once in a while :-)

    @yoz - lol!

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 12/22/2006 6:59 p.m.  

  • Cool items in your blog, Jon.

    Noticed your consternation between FF2 & IE7.

    You may check out Opera v9.1 just out...very fast, super standards-based (and two clicks to add YubNub as a custom search engine into Opera!).

    Interesting Server-Sent Events support, also.

    By Blogger KT, at 12/23/2006 1:02 p.m.  

  • KT - Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe it is time to give Opera 9 another go ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 12/23/2006 5:37 p.m.  

  • Hi Phil - Yeah, I noticed the slowness around the time I installed Firebug 1.0. I'll try your tip.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 12/27/2006 3:57 p.m.  

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