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Friday, November 03, 2006

Creating throwaway directories (Windows)

In my work I often need to create "throwaway directories" - new folders whose name doesn't matter, into which I download or ftp files to work with. They're not really "throwaway", as I keep them around forever - they come in handy when I need to go back in time using Google Desktop Search.

Anyway, here's a little AutoHotKey macro script that will create a directory named with the current date and time. It even opens the directory for you, ready for use:

FormatTime, CurrentDateTime,, yyyyMMddHHmm
FileCreateDir, C:\junk\%CurrentDateTime%
Run, C:\junk\%CurrentDateTime%

I saved it as mk.ahk and created a SlickRun command for it, so now I just type "mk" and - boom - instant new directory with a pre-chosen name, opened in a window for immediate use.


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