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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Never again lose what you typed: Home KeyLogger

I'm trying out a free program called Home KeyLogger which was recommended by Rod on the alt.comp.freeware forums. It basically records all your keystrokes and writes them to a logfile. I was tired of losing what I'd typed because Firefox (or another program) decided to freeze.

So here's what's currently at the end of the log:
. This is because I am tired of losing what I typed because Firefox decides to freeze() or other programan. In fact, here's what's at the end of
Not bad. Actually I had Ctrl-Lefted and Ctrl-Righted quite a bit while typing that, so I don't mind the mangling too much. As long as I have some sort of backup. I hate having to duplicate some bit of inspired creativity -- it's never as good the second time.


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