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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

AceMoney Lite - Freeware Alternative To MS Money / Quicken

When I got a new laptop, I wanted some software to track my finances. I had MS Money on my desktop, but it was pre-installed so I didn't have the CDs. Fortunately there is an excellent freeware program called AceMoney Lite, and it has pretty much all the features I need, without the bugginess and hassles of MS Money and Quicken.

At first I didn't think I could live without MS Money's handy line graph showing how your balance goes up and down into the future. But AceMoney shows you the same thing, albeit in table form rather than graphically, and I see this will do just fine.

The free version of AceMoney only gives you one account, which is fine for me. I can download data from my bank (in Quicken format) and AceMoney picks it up. You can schedule your bills and set categories. Those are all the features I wanted. It's so simple, it just loads up quick and lets you do your business and get out.

Fabulous. And it's received great reviews around the web.


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