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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Unblokt (social storywriting) - It's Done!

A few weeks ago I mentioned Unblokt, a little Web 2.0 app that presents you with two sentences, and you write the sentence inbetween. It was created by my friend Sean O'Hagan, who aimed to produce a novel written bit by bit in this way, by people from across the internet.

Well I just checked, and it looks like the Unblokt novel is finished! It is by turns gripping, hilarious, and downright silly. Here is an excerpt in the dramatic style:

"What do you think of it?" Why did he even care what I thought? I wanted him out of my head forever! I stopped thinking. Feelings floating... Drifting ever onward to that warm safe place where I can be loved again. That was a good thought.

And elsewhere:

I thought, maybe one day I will know everything about everyone. But I know I never will. My messiness clearly upset her. She stared at my room despairingly.
"Here, I'll move my roommate's dead dog so you can sit down," I said.

There's some really entertaining stuff in here that's going to make great bedtime reading. Congratulations to Sean and to all who participated.


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