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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

2 kinds of users: taggers and describers

There are two kinds of posters: taggers and describers. The taggers enter tags for a link; the describers enter descriptions. Describers are lazy (I'm a describer) - we just highlight an important portion of the page then click the bookmarklet to post to and fill in the description, all in one go.

I salute the taggers -- theirs is a more involved task. They must think for a second about 2, 3, or 4 tags that are relevant to the post. Their work is ultimately more helpful for others.

You know, Yahoo's beta Y!Q term-extraction web service can help us describers here. This web service can extract the most important terms from a block of text (in our case, the description we selected). could have a button called AutoTag that would use this service to fill in tags by extracting them from the description. (Maybe someone could write a GreaseMonkey script to do this? LazyWeb, I invoke thee!).

On the flip side, the RSS feed could sure use our descriptions. Currently it just gives a list of bare links. How nice it would be if it showed descriptions provided by us describers.

Of course, if you are both a tagger and a describer, then you are a tagscriber.


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