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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trick yourself into meditating for an hour

I was inspired to take up Matthew Kelly's challenge to meditate for an hour a day, but I was puzzled as to how I would keep up this superhuman practice. The answer for me, as it often is, is to make it fun.

I call it Jon's Hyperbaric Chamber. Basically you submerge yourself in a tub of water as best you can. The key is to get your ears under the waterline. You will be treated to the incredible internal sounds of your body: Breathing through your nose sounds like a subway train arriving to pick up passengers, then leaving for its next destination. Breathing through your mouth sounds like the wind forcing itself through a thick forest. And in the background is a low rumble - I'm not sure if it's the sound of blood coursing through my circulatory system or my muscles in a constant state of tension. Anyway, that grumble grows to a roar when you clench your teeth.

A big part of meditation is self-awareness, and this is a fantastic way to become more aware of your breathing.


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