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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tradeoff between blogging now and blogging later

I have a growing list of interesting things to blog about, most of them about technology. The problem is whether to blog an idea as it occurs to me (tapping it into an email on my PDA) or later at my PC (when I have more time to flesh it out, and add links and screenshots). One great thing about blogging on the spot (or on the walk, as I'm doing right now, believe it or not) is that the idea is fresh in your mind, and doing it later you might lose the spirit that empassioned you to write in the first place.

I've been building up a "to-blog" list for a couple of weeks now, and it's time for me to realize that I am probably not going to find the time to sit down and write each of them perfectly. So rather than let my blog go unposted-to for weeks, I'm going to consciously try to write on the spot, rather than save my ideas up for later.

Unless an idea *really* needs accompanying links or screenshots.

This is the nature of blogging and what separates it from polished magazine writing.


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