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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My Passion: Personal IT

After much soul searching (some of it automated -- see recent posts), I have finally arrived at a name for my favourite interest: Personal Information Technology.

I get excited about new free web services and software products -- things like GMail, Flickr,, Google Desktop. Not just any software, but software that gives us control over our personal "information space" -- the websites, emails, RSS feeds, phone calls, meetings that bombard us daily.

And not just software (Google Desktop), but also web services (GMail,, hardware (PDA's), personal management methods (Covey, GTD) -- I'm interested in technologies and methodologies to manage the personal information cloud.

The problem is what to call this interest. Some of my earlier attempts were: "free software and web services", "Information Technology", "the mobile lifestyle", "cyberculture" -- but none of these precisely described this space. Then today I hit upon it: Personal IT. It's about technology that persons can use to manage their information.

Personal IT is a hot industry right now, and many of the services are freely available to all. We live in exciting times!


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