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Monday, March 07, 2005

Convert your syntax-coloured XEmacs buffer to HTML using HTMLize

Found a great XEmacs package today called HTMLize. It takes your XEmacs buffer...

... and converts it to HTML ...

This is going to be great for putting syntax-coloured code on the web. XEmacs syntax-colours a lot of different programming languages, so no longer will I have to hunt on the web for an online (Language X) to HTML converter. Hooray!

(Tip: Set it to "font" mode instead of "css" mode, to make the output easier to paste into your blog).

require 'net/http'

class Delicious
def all_link_checksums
all_link_checksums = []
# Change "all" to "recent" for a quicker test [Jon Aquino 2005-03-07]
get('/api/posts/all').each {|line|
next if not line =~ /hash/
all_link_checksums << checksum(line)
def tags(link_checksum)
tags = []
get('/url/'+link_checksum).each {|line|
next if not line =~ /^\s*<.*delNav.*>(.*)</
tags << $1


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