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Monday, March 14, 2005

A Conversation With Michael Tension

Today I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Michael Tension, who is well known in Victoria for his ten years as the singer/songwriter for the band Jeffrey Sez. More recently he has been focusing on his talents in the visual arts and has been producing graphic design work for a number of organizations, groups, and businesses in Victoria and other parts of the world.

Michael and I both have a passion for graphic design, and our conversation ranged from posters and billboards that each of us had recently created, to typography and grunge fonts, to the serene state of inspiration that Michael likes to get into for the first day of any major creative effort. Michael likes to radically combine digital and traditional tools in his work; a piece might undergo numerous iterations of computer scanning, cutting, and physical pulverizing to achieve the effect that he wants.

I greatly enjoyed our conversation, and I look forward to meeting up with other creative minds in Victoria.


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