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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Some cool scripts I have written

- Sort programs from and by rating
- Play the next chapter from the NIV audiobible on the web, and bookmark where I left off
- Play a random 10-second snippet from each track in the Listen! music history course CD, for a 1-hour whirlwind audio tour of music history
- Extract my timesheet data into a format suitable for graphing in Excel as a series of timelines
- Concatenate my podcasts with start and end music
- Download photos from my digital camera, generate thumbnails with timestamp labels, and upload them to my website
- FTP my bookmarks HTML file to my website
- Find all empty catch blocks in a Java source-code tree
- Extract information from a BoardGameGeek GeekList (given the URL) to produce a nicely formatted entry for a Meta-GeekList
- Compute the distances travelled using any keyboard layout (e.g. Fitaly, Atomik) for any "corpus" or text (e.g. Matthew's Gospel, Grimm's Fairy Tales)
- Daily downloading of the most recent Astronomy Picture of the Day (or Dilbert) to my Windows wallpaper


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